Monday, September 16, 2013

A nice day out

Currently I work for a construction company, I won't say which one as I'm not sure what their views are on bloggers and blogging. A previous company I worked for asked me to pull a post despite praising them to high heaven in the type of job I did for them, so best safe than sorry. As it is, they had a few problems with an external mounted scaffolding passenger/goods lift and I was sent into central London to fix it... an unusual event in and of itself as I'm normally workshop based.
The job went well and the hoist/lift was handed back to the site in good working order, a few minor electrical problems which had prevented its repair and installation of a new inner car all resolved.
However it was in the testing stage that I went up to the highest level and got to see this...

100 metres up in the air the view was quite magnificent, with little or no traffic noise making it up that high.

The skyline to the East
I don't particularly like London, but it has some magnificent views, if you can get up high enough to see them. Construction sites often give a chance for me to sneak a view that others rarely see.

Unfortunately the way up is a bit treacherous
Still a surprise and a welcome one at that, just glad I had my phone with me to take a few snaps.

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