Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramadama ding dong...

What is it about teachers that they feel obliged to force the islamic hate religion on our kids? It's not as if most kids would be interested in being indoctrinated into the violent cult despite the false claims that it's a religion of peace. Yet because it's the bit of the islamic faith where they starve themselves and others the teachers seem to believe that on one of the hottest days of the year that non-muslim kids should be denied water too in case it upsets the barbarians muslim kids.
An angry mother has accused a primary school of denying her child water on one of the hottest days of the year for fear of upsetting pupils observing Ramadan.
Kora Blagden, 32, claimed a teacher at her son Luke’s school refused to let the 10-year old drink from his water bottle because it was unfair to fasting classmates.
Many pupils at Charles Dickens Primary School, Portsmouth, Hampshire, are fasting during Ramadan, which means they refrain from taking food or water between sunrise and sunset for around 30 days, depending on the moon.
Yes it's the old offence by proxy, though in this case the school has gone into emergency denial mode...
The school said there was no ban on children from other religions having food and drink during Ramadan but refused to comment on this individual case.
In other words they realise one of their staff has been caught out and are seeking damage limitation.
Yet it's not unknown for schools toinsist on taking kids to mosques without parental permission, it's also not unknown for them to give a false accounting of the islamic faith as espoused by politicians, the moronic left and the BBC wherein islam is not to be criticised as it offends muslims. Though to most of us the right to offend comes along with the right to be offended so long as it doesn't involve violence.
Frankly I hope the mother along with the school takes this teacher to task for child abuse, but i won't hold my breath. Nor would I hold my breath on any muslim being prosecuted because their religion says it's ok to not feed their kids in summer during the day.
I really do not believe that there is a place for islam in a civilised society.

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Anonymous said...

I dunno why teachers are teaching religion to anyone anywhere.

When I was a kid they used to tell us fairy stories about some bloke called Jesus who walked on water and raised cripples and turned over temple tables and shit like that.

Personally I preferred the one about the gingerbread house and the old witch who ate children, or the bloke who turned round three times and became a super hero and didn't eat children.

My main memories of religion when I was a child was this foul breathed old minister man with a red face who got a bit too close for comfort when he came to school to indoctrinate us and whom I shopped for being a paedo bastard.

Religion was fine in the days when people couldn't explain thunder and lightning and so had to make up gods to placate people... then they discovered it was a good way to control people. Now we know that thunder isn't god farting or whatever they used to tell us it was. We're a bit cleverer than that.

Religion is all violent. You only have to look at the dick wits in Northern Ireland tonight. Scottish police have had to be dispatched to keep the protestants from the catholics and vise versa.

They are nothing short of animals. With a bit of luck the thickos will blow each other up.

Anonymous said...

I confess I concur with most of your observations on 'the enemy within'. Perhaps you should get yourself along to a certain celebration of all that once made this country great. I speak of the National Railway Museum in York. I went on Wednesday and although I dont know how many thousands the place holds it was packed to the gills with long queues outside. I suspect this will be the case everyday for as long as the celebration lasts. And despite being a celebration of this countries past achievements I saw not one male in a white dress or woman in a black coverall, or in fact any one with anything other than a pale complexion, and many of these people came from all over the world. I did however see ONE man with a towel wrapped around his head. I suspect that it was not just the Engineering feats on display that epitomised what once made this country so great but also the ethnicity of 99.99% of the attendees. Speaks volumes about multiculturism I think and certainly gladdened my heart. Oh - and yes entry is free so no excuse there !