Thursday, July 11, 2013

Magistrates in common sense shocker

We've all heard the tales of people moving from the city into the countryside who have immediately tried it on because of the natural noises therein. A classic example was a council telling a church to cease and desist with its church bells despite it having been done over 140 years due to one solitary complaint.
There have been others, but it seems that some magistrates have a far better grasp on common sense than councils...
A magistrate has laughed a council out of court after they hauled a rural farmer to the dock for failing to stop his chickens crowing too loudly.
Anthony Block, 52, laughed when he first heard Braintree District Council's plan to drag him in front of magistrates over his free range chicken farm near Finchingfield, Essex.
Mr Block is accused of falling fowl of a noise abatement order he received three years ago calling on him to prevent his chickens ‘crowing at a level likely to result in reasonable cause for complaint from occupiers of nearby residential properties'.
But despite baffled magistrates refusing to enforce a fine, Mr Block has still been left with £115 legal costs and a criminal record following the barmy conviction.
He said: 'What next? Are they going to complain about the birds in the trees being too noisy?
'My business has been here since 2002 and all of a sudden they are too noisy - it just doesn't make any sense.
Naturally with the process being part of the punishment Mr Block has ended up with a criminal record anyway, no doubt the local plod have his DNA squirrelled away against the day he becomes really dangerous too...
The complainant also refused to give an interview when asked too, can't think why, save perhaps embarrassment and getting their name in the press and gaining notoriety as an idiot?
Still I suppose it could be worse, we might have some idiot complaining about the film 'The Railway Children' encouraging kids to play on or near the tracks...
Oh bloody hell!!!

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