Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And this is news???

Apparently there's some concern about the English actually believing themselves to be... well, English. Apparently the English are supposed to consider themselves as British, rather than English as it gives the UK government a tea towel of legitimacy with regards to the Scots, Welsh and Irish having their own parliaments/assemblies. The fact that the English alone of the indigenous peoples of Europe do not have their own parliament seems to have escaped the people concerned who appears would rather we simply went away and became British again...
MORE than a third of people living in the UK identify themselves as English, rather than British, a new report has revealed.
The landmark report has found that the numbers in England voluntarily describing themselves as British is the lowest of any survey since 1996.
The news came as plans emerged allowing England’s MPs a veto on issues not affecting Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
35 per cent of those living in Britain place their English identity before any sense of Britishness, the report has said, while just one-in-ten claims “to be more British than English”.
“Englishness is emerging more clearly as a result of devolution elsewhere in the UK,” says Welsh academic, Richard Wyn Jones, the co-author of England and its Two Unions, the report published by the Institute of Public Policy Research.
“What has emerged is a different kind of Anglo-British identity in which the ‘Anglo’ component is increasingly considered the primary source of identity,” the report said.
You can almost feel the collective horror of the liberal leftist ruling classes as they suddenly believe themselves assailed by the horribly racist English  For indeed that is what it is to be English in their eyes and why they spent the last 70 years trying to stamp it out.
Even minor reforms such as giving English MP's the power of veto over any legislation regarding England alone does not seem to have stemmed the tide as more and more of the indigenous population regard themselves as something the political classes regard as rather beyond the pale.
You can often see the surprise when you confront a liberal/leftist with the details that the only British thing about you is your passport and you'd change that if you could. The fact that most have no problems with the other countries of the UK saying the same rather shows them up as the narrow minded bigots that they are.
I expect Englishness and the belief that people are English first and foremost to grow amongst the indigenous population of England. It's a form of rebellion and frankly more than overdue.

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Dioclese said...

This is a Fourth Reich thing.

The EU want Britain split into semi-self governing administrative regions. NI, Wales and Scotland are three of them. I think England is split into 9 because of population density being higher - these are called regional development agencies but they are effectively variations on the Welsh Assembly except that they are not directly elected.

This was done by Labour in 1999 to avoid telling the EU to fuck off by working around the requirement.