Monday, June 3, 2013

The lowest of the low

What else would you call a group of people who at a war memorial jeered at people and squashed and badly damaged floral tributes? I guess you could call them the left wing UAF if you wanted, though terms like scum also spring to mind.
Oxford Mail.
THE Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford has criticised anti-fascist campaigners for an “unruly” protest against a far right group at the city’s war memorial.
Liberal Democrat Tony Brett said the Unite Against Fascism demo in St Giles showed “hate” to a planned event by the English Defence League (EDL).
The EDL planned a wreath laying at 1pm on Saturday for “fallen hero” Drummer Lee Rigby, killed in an alleged terror attack in Woolwich on May 22.
The Oxford Mail attended from 12.45pm to 1.15pm and no wreaths were layed. There was no apparent EDL presence except for about 30 protesters.
Oxford City Council member Mr Brett said the protesters “jeered” at people and "floral tributes were squashed and badly damaged".
There was “no sign” of EDL banners, clothing or “behaviour” he said, adding: “What I saw was a loud and unruly bunch who were showing hate towards what seemed to me to be a peaceful and lawful act of remembrance.”
There's a reason no EDL banners or or clothing were on display, the EDL requested its members where possible to simply lay flowers in tribute to Lee Rigby in deference to his family's wishes. That meant in a lot of places the EDL turned up and simply laid flowers as it wasn't a demo, wasn't a march and wasn't a protest. I did the same at Chatham memorial, I wasn't the only one either, flowers were laid from all walks of the public, not the EDL, but i really shouldn't have expected the likes of the UAF to respect this. After all we're talking about the same people who had 58 people arrested in London for attacking a BNP march which was passing peacefully and preparing to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph.
About the only good thing to come out of this is the UAF showing themselves up as the barbarians they are.
But that's scant comfort really as they'll keep on doing things like this until they are locked up for a long time pour encourager les autres.

4 annotations:

dave c said...

I seem to remember some years ago Camoron remarking he was a supporter of UAF.

DerekP said...

Yes, but was it his own idea or did Sam Cameron tell him to support UAF?

he talks the hate-EDL talk,
he talks the obey-Islam talk,
but it seems that when he did the gay-marriage walk it was because Sam Cameron told him to.

Getting her Daddy all those Green-subsidies at our expense just wasn't enough.

Anonymous said...

UAF to be honest are a bunch of wankers I know I am not particularly witty but sometimes only a bit of old fashioned Anglo Saxon will fit the bill and those people are cretins and their actions are starting to highlight this to the British public. As a bonus I think their behaviour might become a great recruiting sergeant for the EDL or support a continuing growth in support for what the EDL are actually saying in relation to our growing problem.

Barry said...

Cameron didn't just remark that he was supporting the UAF, he's a founding signatory:

UAF Website