Sunday, June 2, 2013

I don't think that word means what you think it means...

That word is counter-protest and is used by the BBC as well as the rest of the MSM to describe the events which unfolded yesterday when peaceful marches to lay wreaths for drummer lee Rigby were attacked violently by the leftist UAF. Note that these were intended to be peaceful, all violence that ensued came from the UAF and all arrests made were of UAF supporters.
Counter-protest would appear to imply that a protest was happening and that people had turned up to oppose said protest. Except... except that these weren't protests, these were tributes, but I suppose counter-tribute wouldn't feed the narrative that somehow or other the people laying wreaths weren't the cause of the problem in the first place.
Fifty-eight people have been arrested at a counter-protest sparked by a British National Party demonstration in Westminster.
The BNP demonstration was held in Whitehall Gardens following the death of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last month.
Police had asked that it be moved from Woolwich.
The counter-protest in Westminster was staged by members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF).
BNP leader Nick Griffin arrived at the demonstration during the afternoon and told the BBC it was intended to be peaceful.
He said his party agreed with Drummer Rigby's family that his death should not be used as an excuse for attacks on others.
But he said his followers were there to "draw attention to a political problem" adding "...because if people stick their heads in the sand... then more lads will die like Lee Rigby."
This was the only political statement going on yesterday, all other events were tributes to Lee Rigby, whilst many (but not all) contained some EDL members, none of them were 'official EDL events.
Whilst the UAF's modus operandi appears to be to oppose the BNP and EDL wherever and whenever, it appears that they have lost the argument because their first and only action appears to be violent confrontation, it does appear that the UAF and extreme islam were made for each other.
The BNP group had planned to march to the Cenotaph in nearby Whitehall, but UAF supporters blocked their path for most of the day.
Sounds about right, block people from paying their respects, violently too.
The left in the UK in their support of violent attempts to close down any form of tribute to a fallen soldier have proven that they are utterly morally bankrupt, they and the islamists make quite the couple don't they?

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DerekP said...

"...they [the Left] and the islamists make quite the couple don't they?"

Until Islamists are actually in power, when the Left will suddenly give up their 'politics' and become all 'religious of peace' because otherwise they'll be on the receiving end of the 'peaceful' behaviour.

DerekP said...

Blair's said something like 'Oo-er, it does seem like Islam is a little bit naughty':

Seems to be a bit of odd voting going on for that article. Either ballot-fixing going by the number of votes for the most popular comments (pro-Islam, natch for any vote-fixing), or people fervently (or hopefully?) believe the 'Religion of Peace' trope/tripe.