Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The rattled left

Ukip appear to have the left (including the watermelons) very rattled in their current rise in popularity in the polls, so much so that they have tried to disrupt a Ukip meeting in Hove.
The problem with this sort of thing which the left have never learned is that it becomes self defeating, as they usually turn up and cause all the trouble and those whom they protest about come out smelling of roses, just ask the EDL...
The Argus.
Protesters attempted to hijack an appearance by Nigel Farage last night as he tried to spread his political message to hundreds of willing listeners.
Trouble erupted inside Hove Town Hall where more than 400 people had packed in to hear the UKIP leader speak yesterday.
About 100 protesters waving European flags and carrying placards with anti-racist messages had set up outside the town hall to confront Mr Farage as he arrived at the venue, but he was able to dodge them by entering the building through a different entrance.
The scenes weren’t a carbon copy of those a month ago when crowds of protesters barricaded Mr Farage inside a pub in Edinburgh when on a campaign trip.
But his presence fuelled tension and fierce opposition outside the building, which was evident when police had to be called to help the UKIP leader leave.
Ah, definitely the left, they hate the idea that someone might just have ideas which are a) successful and b) not of their own, though successful left wing ideas are pretty sparse on the ground, a bit like rocking horse poo.
This is classic leftism, scream and point method of debate. Where they dare not get into any form of civilised debate or people would realise just who is to blame for mass uncontrolled immigration and just who backs the EU to the hilt (not just the Lib Dems and watermelons) It's much easier to try and close down a debate by screaming racist/bigot/fascist at someone than actually get involved in a debate you know you'll lose.
Farage made the mistake at the end of trying to distance himself from the EDL, he needn't have bothered, the EDL will never tell its members who to vote for, never have, never will. That some EDL members will vote for Ukip is not because they see Ukip as of their own, it's just they are the only party to say they will deal with immigration and the EU and who aren't the BNP whom most of the EDL want nothing to do with owing to their views on Israel.
Still I suppose it's a political necessity for Farage to distance himself from the EDL, but I expect he'd still like them to vote for his party really.

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Anonymous said...

Without a doubt UKIP is the future in England. The whole political landscape has been changed by the assimilation of the Liberals into the Tories, and Labour chasing them hard down the same road, trying to get into the same bed.

England is a right of centre country, or at least the bit that counts is, and they have failed to understand that.

You'd have thought that the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the death of maggie would have convinced them that they had to move to the right; get rid of all the ghastly foreigners and take back their green a pleasant land for the industrialists and bankers, and stop queers marrying. But no, it took a little old Estuary English frenchman to show them where to go

As for labour, I can only imagine the likes of Keir Hardie burling in their graves at speeches like Ed Bollocks' today, and that awful Milibean fellow's wishy washiness. I still have no idea what he stands for.

They are all starting to look like figures from the past before they ever got anywhere.

And as for the Eton boys like Rees- Floccinaucinihilipilification-Mogg, and Cameron, there are dead wood, but then they always were.

UKIP'll probably have to get themselves a new leader though. It might be OK to be in opposition and never be seen without alcohol in your hand, but they will find that prime ministers are expected to be sober at least some of the time. And most assuredly when reporting to Washington for orders.