Friday, March 22, 2013

Pretty silly

How does a national litter picking campaign deal with the results of its findings?
Well it blames the companies who made the packaging, not the people who actually dropped it...
Coca-Cola, Cadbury and Walkers crisps have been named and shamed for generating more litter than any other brands.
A national litter-picking exercise found the junk food giants’ packaging in parks, on beaches and on river and canal banks.
More than 37,000 pieces of rubbish were collected across the country. The bottles, wrappers and packets were then sorted by 500 volunteers.
I'm pretty sure the companies involved aren't feeling ashamed at all, after all, it wasn't them who were dumping the litter. if anything it shows just how well they control the market in these things.
Oddly enough most of the commenter's in the mail have spotted the bleeding obvious too. Though it would appear that the campaign is actually getting money from the named companies too, perhaps they might stop the funding? Who knows.
Litter is a problem, however naming and shaming companies simply because their products are popular hardly seems likely to get the results this campaign is aiming for. Biodegradable packaging and heavy fines for littering (enforced if caught) might balance things too. Though I believe the key in the end might just be education, but that hardly does anything about those throwing away their packaging at the moment.

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banned said...

They tried to start a debate about this on Steve Wright in the Afternoooon yesterday but soon reached the same conclusion.

If only they could educate the public and get them riled up against littering in the same way they did against smokers and phone driving.

Barman said...

I was in Windsor tow centre a while back...

A young family were walking through the shopping centre with the sprog unwrapping his new toy..

he accidentally dropped all the wrapping on the floor and stopped to pick it up...

...but his parents told him to leave it! They were two yards from a litter bin....