Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung,
The grass is riz
I wonder where the warming is
Some say the planet's gettin hotter.
But the planet ain't doing what they think it ought'er.


BRITAIN is set for a white weekend after forecasters predicted up to 6 inches of snow to cover most parts of the UK.
Much of the country will be bombarded by blizzards and strong winds which will dash any early springtime plans.The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for snow across many parts, with predictions of 10-15cm (4-6 inches) possible in the north Midlands, north east Wales and north west England.
High areas could see 20-40cm (8-16 inches) of snow fall and strong and even gale force winds could lead to blizzard conditions, as the miserable March continues.
All doggerel aside, global warming (the original and best!) is still being promoted by certain 'scientists' and the environmental movement ably supported by the hard of thinking political left. They still appear to believe that if they point and scream long enough and loud enough that people will quietly go freezing into the still windless night in their efforts to save the planet (and the 'scientists' and the environmental movement ably supported by the hard of thinking political left) Never has so much been invested into producing nothing other than higher energy bills and useless bird mincers blotting dotting the landscape on their massive concrete pedestals (concrete is really environmentally unfriendly, trust me I've worked with the stuff)
All that's left now that the jig is well and truly up is to apportion the blame. It won't be those at the top of course, nor the Monbiot's or the Gore's. Nor any politicians one would suspect. No it will be the likes of the enviroloons who took some (though not the majority) of the money and howled at the moon that the planet was going to turn into a desert with whole countries swallowed up by the rising seas.
A pity really, I still believe we should hang them all, from top to bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Stonyground says:

As a lay person who is interested in science, I have followed quite a few science blogs for several years. When it comes to the subject of man made climate change though, many of these bloggers have become quite insufferable with their talk of the anti science deniers.

I am really looking forward to watching them squirm when it becomes undeniable that the 'deniers' were right all along.

Barman said...

It was really windy here last night... Tiles blown off roofs, satellite dishes blown down, trees and fences down...

...and 5 (of the 42) turbines I can see from my house are not working this morning...

...presumably broken by the wind!

Barman said...

Wind turbines still not working!

They normally drive them when there is no wind to stop the blades distorting or something...

These haven't moved for days...