Saturday, February 2, 2013


I have a friend who buys wine because she likes the look of the label, not because it's any good (sometimes it is) or because someone recommended it, she occasionally goes off the bottle shape too. Other people will choose a product for many different reasons, not all of them having to make much sense, it's simply a method of choosing. In the same manner that trying to hide cigarettes or put them into plain packs won't work, it simply gives the bansturbators something to do to justify their existence, nothing more, nothing less.
Bottles of wine and beer could display how many calories they contain to discourage people from drinking too much, under new Government plans.
Anna Soubry, a health minister, said officials have been in talks about “the possible inclusion of calorie content on labels” with the alcoholic drinks industry.
Ministers are concerned about the issue as an official study has linked the high calories of alcoholic drinks to people being overweight and obese.
They are separately looking at how to reduce deaths caused by alcohol and tackle anti-social behaviour fuelled by drink.
It is thought displaying calorie content could encourage those who watch their weight to moderate consumption.
Lager can be as fattening as a slice of pizza at around 250 calories per pint, according to the Drink Aware Trust.
Meddlers and bansturbators all. I doubt many of us (if any) give a damn what's written on the label so long as it's doing what it's supposed to be doing. Still, if there's a way to stick it to the public whilst justifying taking our money off us to do it that's what these people will do. They don't realise truly what a waste of space they are, they get off on power, not alcohol.
In an ideal world the government would not bother to stick its nose into our business, nor give taxpayers cash to fake charities like the Drink Aware Trust. They'd simply do their job of making sure that we don't get invaded and that there were few barriers to trade as well as making sure a few basic laws were maintained. If people wanted to get drunk, that was their business, so long as they weren't bothering anyone else by doing so. If they were, well there would be drunk tanks and courts if necessary, no relentless propaganda to tell them to give up something that helps them ignore the constant propaganda.
Perhaps people would drink less if they were happier?
Happier being less government and state interference in their lives.
It's a thought...

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Anonymous said...


Don`t these bastards ever quit?

Whats it going to take?

5-a-day coordinators and smoking monitors being murdered in the Tesco car park?

Dave H said...

Saw this the other day. Even for the Graun, this made me gawp (it's an article on how to cook perfect chips).

This article was amended on 31 January 2013. Originally it included a reference to quantities of salt. This has been removed.

The Jannie said...

Anonymous gives us

Spam spam spam spam

yet again.

Goodnight Vienna said...

People are being stripped of their dignity and self-worth by insufferable state intervention in their lives. The likes of Anna Soubry have no right to tell me or anyone else what to do. I'm sick of their hectoring.