Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh Calcutta

Ever since England Rugby's win against the All Blacks back in December of lasy year I have been looking forward to the Six Nations championship just to see if the promises hinted at during that final match of the Autumn  campaign were coming to fruition.
I was not disappointed.
Yes certainly there were areas in which England could improve, however the stupid mistakes and unforced error count which was almost sky high when England were in either their own or their opponents 22' were virtually gone and they have moved away from grinding down their opponents with endless frontal assaults to a game of rapid movement from the ball being moved quickly if possible out of the ruck's and mauls.
Yes it left them exposed at times particularly to a counter attack which Scotland were able to use magnificently on two occasions to get two very good tries, but in the end it left England dominating the field for long periods in which they were the ones forcing the errors rather than has been in the past having errors forced upon them.

The Calcutta cup
Btw, did anyone notice that England appeared to have a very young Brian Blessed playing for them?

Yes, him on the left

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Road_Hog said...

I hope that isn't Dan Cole, because I'm pretty sure he is a convert.

PS Do you still mod on the EDL forum or have you given that up.

Quiet_Man said...

I believe it's Joe Marler the Harlequins prop.

I still mod the EDL forum, though keep to the background.