Friday, February 1, 2013

Come and see the madness inherent in the system

You'd think that having cheated the system you'd face some sort of penalty if you were on benefits. Then again judging by the amount of tales coming around you might not be all that surprised.
Britain's farcical benefits system was exposed yesterday after a cheating mother was told she can now claim twice as much rather than go to jail.
Joanne Gibbons, 23, fiddled £3,140 in income support while holding down two jobs, a court was told.
But after she was caught it was revealed the shop assistant mother-of-one was entitled to claim £130 a week – £64 a week more than the amount she was swindling the taxpayer.
Yes, that's right, she was actually saving us money till she got caught. Now, no prison and extra cash because she's entitled to more in the way of benefits.
No wonder that there are some out there who are quite happy making only a partial attempt to even look for work and not trying to get any. Yes, I realise that there are some out there who would simply just love to have a job, any job as it's a form of self respect. Yet the madness of the system means that in many cases they are actually better off not having a job. Whilst this woman might well have tried to keep on with her work whilst claiming extra benefits had she known they were available it does beggar belief that she could simply have given up the jobs and been on more money had she known to apply for it.
Something clearly needs to be done, but it won't, politicians will tinker, but they won't actually solve things.
They never do.

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