Friday, January 25, 2013

Bloody Asians again

I keep harping on this catch-all term that the MSM use to describe attacks by basically people from the Indian Sub-Continent. Asia after all is a bloody huge place and technically Asian can be Chinese to Uzbecki and believe me they aren't similar at all. Though in fairness they do tend to use oriental when describing anyone from East Asia, which covers about 2 billion people.
Luton Today.
A man was attacked with an axe and a screwdriver in broad daylight in Lygetun Drive.
The 39 year old was walking at about 3pm on January 11 when a silver car pulled up close to him and a man got out and punched him in the face.
Three other men then got out of the vehicle and joined in the assault, hitting the victim in the face with a screwdriver and on the leg with an axe.
Det Con Martin Hart said: “The victim attended hospital for treatment and is now recovering at home.
“I believe there was a lady in Lygeton Drive at the time of the assault and I would appeal to her or anyone else who has information about this assault to contact the police, in confidence.”
All four offenders are described as Asian men, between 25 and 30 years of age and all got out of a silver four-door Honda car, possibly a Civic or Accord.
Why do I sense another greasy attempt to avoid using the M(uslim) word or perhaps the P(akistani) word or possibly the B(angladeshi) word? After all, we know what the code for Asian means, which I suspect the powers that be wish we didn't.
All this comes on top of a Baroness Warsi speech accusing three quarters of us of being islamophobes anyway, this being the same Warsi  who kept quiet about her business partnership with Abid Hussain, allegedly a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Sadiq Khan lifelong friend of Babar Ahmadinejad, a man indicted in the US on charges of conspiracy to provide material to support terrorists, namely, the Taliban and the Chechen Mujahideen, providing material to support terrorists and conspiracy to kill in a foreign country.
Thing is, we know we're being lied too by those on high, we know what the code phrases such as 'Asian' mean and we no longer take much notice of such insults or pre-noms such as 'right wing', 'fascist', 'racist' stuck before anyone daring to question an increasingly precarious status quo.
Until their is honesty in reporting and more honesty in admitting that there is a problem with certain adherents of a certain religion and its followers from the Indian sub-continent then the tensions will continue to rise until it gets completely out of hand.
The USA civil war had its roots in small beginnings and injustices.
A 'British' civil war is not out of the question if the matter of lies and misinformation about government policies and favouritism are not addressed to the satisfaction of the majority, not a minority.

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The Jannie said...

Don't they mean a car of oriental design? Lets do the pc job properly!

JuliaM said...

Check out the Moghul Durbar incident, and the reason why the police are so keen to keep a lid on it...