Thursday, January 24, 2013

I suspect we know what would happen if the roles were reversed

Now suppose I were to be so stupid as to phone or email the local mosque and tell them that I'd planted a bomb on their premises. Suppose I were to open a faceache account and threaten to burn a quran. How long do you suppose it would take before I landed up in a prison cell charged with racially aggressive behaviour along with various other charges and facing a prison sentence over a hoax? Not too long I suspect.
A man who sent a message to the English Defence League saying its Bristol march was going to be bombed has told a jury he thought it would be ignored.
Sakander Mahmood, 26, from Sheffield, admits sending the right-wing group a hoax message through their website.
But the father-of-five denies communicating a bomb hoax.
He told Sheffield Crown Court that at the time he had thought the EDL would "get a bit wound up".
He said: "I wanted to get under their skin a bit and thought they would not take it seriously."
Mr Mahmood, of Firth Park, sent a message which read: "14th July in Bristol, You are getting bombed.
Remember this was after a group of muslim men had been stopped on a motorway with a nail bomb heading to an EDL demo.
So why would anyone protesting about islam getting a bomb threat assume that it was anything but serious? The only thing I can assume is that Mr Mahmood simply assumed he would not be traced. After all, if someone were to threaten to bomb mosques they'd be ignored too? Surely? (Caution this is irony)
No, Mr Mahmood wanted to put fear into those EDL members going to demo's, after all it's a standard islamic terror tactic and one they've used time and time again, when they aren't planting real bombs.
What will happen I suspect is a case of double standards. After all a guy who jokingly tweeted to blow up Robin Hood airport got a £325 fine and £600 costs so that's the standard we should be looking at.
Current betting is a £50 fine a veritable light tap on the wrist.
Oh I'm sure some out there think the guy is being hard done by, after all they 'know' what the EDL is, all evidence to the contrary. They're drunken, racist, bigots who have had the temerity to criticise multiculturalism and minorities. Yet, criticism of something should not be taken to be racism in the context of Islam, after all it's a religion. Yet there are groups out there who insist that the EDL are racist merely because they have raised concerns and awareness of a dangerous cancer in our society eating away at its core values. Many of those who criticise them do not even share our societies core values anyway and always look to undermine them if at all possible, hence all the political correctness and multicultural garbage thrown about in an effort to deflect criticism of what is bad by claiming cultural differences and misunderstandings, much of which happens in the islamic community and few others.
The EDL aren't perfect, they accept this, but they are good people and see the good in many other societies and cultures including that of the Sikh, Hindu's and any other race, religion or nation. Where their tolerance ends though is when another hostile culture takes upon itself to criticise our society without allowing any of us the recourse to criticise them without resorting to threats, violence and legal actions to gag us, all supported by our mealy mouthed politicians and many who are on the liberal left of society (not the working class though)
No Mr Mahmood is a typical muslim who has reverted to type.

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JuliaM said...

I see YouTube has taken down the video of the 'Muslim defence group' harassing gays and women in East London. Just as the MAM starts to wake up about it, too...

James Higham said...

Met a few lads yesterday who were EDL supporters, not members. They were good lads themselves, though a trifle noisy at times. :)