Thursday, December 13, 2012

This is why we can't allow them to stay...

Pride and honour are odd things and can cause people to do strange things in order to fit in to their roots whilst trying their best to fit in with everyone else. It becomes worse when peer, family, tribal and religious pressures are put in place to enforce compliance within a social group and can lead to tragedy when your 'family' discovers your 'real' lifestyle. Well it can if your family are Muslims...
A WOMAN leapt 80ft to her death after a Facebook stalker exposed her westernised lifestyle to her strict Muslim parents, an inquest heard yesterday.
Rema Begum, 29, fell from the top of Sir Terence Conran’s restaurant Coq D’Argent in front of hundreds of commuters outside Bank Tube station in London on September 5.
After taking a sip of wine, she put down her glass and plunged eight storeys. She died instantly of multiple injuries. There was no evidence she was drunk.
Miss Begum had suffered depression after losing her job as a British Library manager, and also believed she would be punished for an impure life and not be allowed into paradise.
A friend, Avril Atkins, said she shut down her Facebook page after someone sent hate mail to her and information about her to her family.
The thing is, to most people what she was doing was nothing to be ashamed of, nor a matter of taking your life over. However we aren't dealing with ordinary people here but with Muslims who have an archaic honour code in which women very definitely come second and whom 'shame' and family pressure to conform can twist the joy out of life very easily, along with the risk that her family might just decide to end her life in a (utter lack of) honour killing.
Yet our politicians, political classes, the intellectual left and the moronic left have encouraged these people to live amongst us and not to integrate. Telling them that a culture based on the ravings of a 7th century paedophilic sociopath is equal to the western values that created one of the greatest civilisations to span the Earth. No, I'm not saying things are perfect and great for all of us, but until our lunatic politicians and social engineering political classes invited in those who hate us and are not willing to change that hatred we had been to the moon, conquered diseases, advanced the quality of ordinary peoples lives to a stage undreamed of by previous generations. Only for those who hate us to allow in a culture who believes our women are prey to the sexual demands of their savage religion, who treat (and beat) their own women as second class brood mares and who have the utter gall to believe the ravings of their founder mean that they are ubermenschen who have the answers to everything life throws at them including how to govern us whilst extracting protection money off us for the privilege.
Rema Begum is not the first to fall foul of their abomination of a religion, she won't be the last, their are hundreds of young girls out their who have been abused and know exactly what islam stands for.
There is no place for islam in a civilised society, simple as that, it has to go.

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Woman on a Raft said...

To be absolutely fair, we don't know how the family reacted to the information. They may or may not have shouted at her, they may or may not have threatened other action. We don't know because for all the Express tells us, they may have simply been enraged that someone would try to damage their daughter.

The redundancy from the British Library may have been more of an issue, particularly if she felt this amounted to a loss of face - and sadly there's nothing distinctly Muslim about that since many people feel their identity is tied closely to their jobs and suffer greatly if that constituent is taken away.

I don't disagree with your basic argument, but without some more facts in this particular case, how can we know whether that was a key factor in her state of mind?

Anonymous said...

The Islamic lot in the UK are heading for a couple of cliffs anyway, without any move to force them to integrate. First off, a lot of the Pakistani immigrants are adamant that their children only marry inside the same community, and quite a lot insist on close cousin marriages. The net effect has been described as a human version of Crufts, and is leading to a hell of a lot of genetically malformed, retarded and sickly children.

Secondly, Islam greatly prefers male children over female children. Pretty soon, biotech is going to get good enough to allow cheap, easy sex determination of children, so that families can choose which sex of child they want. Since they pretty much all want males, then males is what they'll choose.

Combine these two factors and in the very near future the Muslim community is going to fall off a demographic cliff. I honestly wouldn't wish this one on any group given the choice, but it would appear here that Darwin is about to bite them on the arse big-time.

Anonymous said...

Why did labourites want their fellow citizens on the scrapheap?
Blair, Brown, Straw, Mandleson, Prescott, Harman, Campbell, Blunkett etc should be charged with treason and crimes against the British (specifically English) people. And a host of senior BBC figures should be right beside them, the BBC acting as repellent, raucous, relentless cheerleaders of this massive unwanted nation-changing immigration, using its position as the country's media leviathan to ruthlessly silence dissent. This was a deliberate, hateful act - pursued against the wishes (and interests) of the existing population - to change the very makeup of the country, 'rub the rights' nose in diversity' and import several million voters knowing they will vote for the Left, most likely generation after rapidly expanding generation. It horrifies and saddens me to see what's happened. Grandparents fought WW2 why?

banned said...

Made me laugh when the Beeb reported that the census had revealed that there are 7million migrants in the country making up 10-25-30% (take your pick) of the population (excluding their offspring) or 50% in parts of London.

We didn't need a Census to tell us that, we just needed to look out of the window of a bus or watch a background shot of any TV drama shot on Londons streets.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

The incidence of congenital defects is indeed much higher than in the indigenous population. I have a friend who has to try and work with this. Of course the tab is picked up by us. This fact is little known as a lot of these people are never seen.

Laurie -

Fahrenheit211 said...

StourbridgeRantyBoy, Spot on. The tab for dealing with these child victims of Islamic cousin-cousin marriage is being picked up by ordinary taxpayer. It's a bad, bad situation.

I've dealt with this one over at my place: