Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Walk on by...

It seems odd that the MSM should be surprised that 2/3rds of us would walk on by if we witnessed a group of teenagers drinking and verbally abusing passers-by in the street. Unfortunately that's the type of society we now live in, where teens have been brought up to believe they are untouchable, after all, they have been brought up to know that adults can't touch them nor it seems criticise them...
Two-thirds of the public would walk on by if they saw a group of teenagers drinking and verbally abusing passers-by in the street, a survey suggests.
Only 6% of the 1,784 people in England, Wales and Scotland surveyed by YouGov said they would definitely intervene. A further 21% said they probably would.
The think tank Policy Exchange paid for the survey and called for "citizen police academies" to be set up.
They could offer lessons in making citizens' arrests, it said.
The survey found that, among those questioned, people in Scotland were the most likely to step in, while those in London were the least likely.
The reasons, though not stated being that many of these teenage gangs would be likely to set about anyone who interfered and/or spend time making their lives a misery by constant hounding, vandalism, abuse etc. should they know where the adults live knowing fine well the police and councils will do sod all about it...
Social engineering by politicians and other do gooders in the UK has brought about a feral class of teens who know no restraints save what their own peers and gang culture will permit and any outsiders simply do not count. Not all teens by any means, but we have created a society where their rights appear to transcend all others, at least in the teens eyes anyway.
So now most adults will ignore a group of teens misbehaving and the media (and politicians no doubt) are surprised. Nor would adults being trained to deal with confrontation be the answer, I suspect only the knowledge that if they stepped out of line society would come down on them like a ton of bricks might work, though those days are now gone.
Those with any sort of moral authority (police, doctors, teachers) have now pretty much removed themselves from the areas in which they work, not that I blame them. However society will not change unless this issue is addressed, you cannot give one section more or less immunity from facing the consequences of their actions and expect it to grow up and mature in a manner that is civilised and tolerant.
You need to start as you go on with action bringing a just and fair reaction, sadly this does not happen and we have a situation now where a sort of siege mentality has built up in adults who would rather ignore bad behaviour than take the chance it will spread the them and theirs, because the powers that be have pretty much allowed it to develop over the last few decades.

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Anonymous said...

And would you dare tackle a 'middle class' lycra lout as they run red lights at 35 mph, cutting through lines of crossing pedestrians, or the Jungle Jills in their 4x4s as they drive over verges to bypass traffic at junctions?

Can't be long before we are all packing six-shooters! What, most of you are already? Damn! Must keep up!

Barman said...

I agree with all your comments...

...but didn't they roll out these Citizen Police Academies a couple of years ago on the back of the same story...?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I'd probably avoid dealing with them myself - why? Not because of any fear of the louts but because the chances are that the police/courts would 'come down like a ton of bricks' on me for upsetting the poor dears.

The issue isn't that people fear to deal with loutish behaviour, the issue is that TPTB expressly forbid it and punish anyone who dares ignore their insane ideologically led claptrap. Remove that fear and just watch how quickly the average teen learns to respect their elders (not holding my breath tho!).

DerekP said...

Pity the BBC didn't do a survey to find what percentage of cops would ignore white schoolgirls being groomed, abused and raped.

People trained and paid to uphold the law, with equipment and support of other officers just a call away would seem to have a significant advantage over a lone citizen. Why didn't they do their job?

Jeering drunken teenagers may be unpleasant but why expect citizens to bother with them when the police don't enforce the law against gangs of rapists?

Plus, given that police have arrested for racist behaviour parents who tried to intervene to stop abuse of their child, who do you think the police would arrest if called to a confrontation between a lone adult and a gang of teenagers?

Anonymous said...

Good, let the drunken drug addled feral class run riot, i couldn't give a monkeys any more, might sling 'em a few bob for another bottle or two.

Genuine working class people have been putting up with this crap for years, ignored and despised for being genuine working not shirking class, of no importance unless their vote was required or they were needed to soak some bulletts up in some politicians wet dream war.

Oh dear how sad never mind, the cancer has spread to middle England and the champagne socialists and they don't like it, good, hope it bloody hurts, you caused this by allowing the little darlings to express themselves and to have no limits no discipline and no sanction.

Instead of learning to take responsibility for their own actions, monkey see monkey do they saw their parents and others rewarded for feckless behaviour, can't be arsed with a job no problem the state will provide, 4 kids by different unemployable fathers, no problem the state will provide.

As for the police, waste of time even ringing....feel for the street coppers who have to put up with the crap whilst their greasy pole climbing seniors talk bollocks, why should a decent copper waste hours of his week getting evidence and charging these useless twerps only for some hooray henry judge who lives on a 500 acre walled country estate to let 'em off and bollock the copper for daring to arrest the poor little loves...Jesus wept.

People have ended up with the country they voted for, justice at last.



banned said...

Actually it's nothing new. As an young teenling the early 70's I was hanging around wiv me mates outide a friends house, we were idly kicking a ball around and it happened to cross the quiet residential street and collide with an oncoming pram.

The young mum wailed in horror, her bloke came rushing out of their house, took hold of one of our mates and dragged him inside threatening to call the police.

We were at a bit of a loss since we were kinda 'guilty'. The police duly arrived and we shiftily gave our version of events.
To our surprise they promptly forced their way into the house, released our mate and carted the householder off in the police car charging him with 'kidnap'.

From memory friends mum persuaded him not to take the charge to court even though there was talk about a knife being waived around in the kitchen.

Peter MacFarlane said...

"6% of the people surveyed said they would definitely intervene."

Those'll be the 6% who are male, under 40, over six foot, and hardened to a degree of physical violence.

If I were one of them, I'd intervene.

Except that the perps might well be armed, so maybe even then I wouldn't.

And of course, I'd be the one getting arrested - easy mark, won't fight back, got stuff to lose, etc - not the yobs.

So perhaps even then I wouldn't.