Friday, November 16, 2012

Truth hurts?

There's outrage and then there's faux outrage when people believe something should outrage them, no more so when the high and mighty run into the truth and don't know how to handle it...
A Tory MP has sparked controversy after claiming ‘gangs of Muslim men are going round and raping white kids at this moment in time’.
Kris Hopkins, MP for Keighley, said the extraordinary claim was a ‘fact’ and urged government agencies to tackle the problem.
But he has been criticised by Muslim leaders in his constituency, who said he overstepped the mark during a Commons debate.
Mr Hopkins, a former leader of Bradford city council, also claimed Muslim men were ‘fundamentally’ sexist towards women, and politicians had to challenge behaviour and culture.
Speaking in a parliamentary debate on child sexual exploitation, Mr Hopkins claimed mainstream parties had failed by not speaking out about the racial and cultural aspect to some abuse cases and extremists groups had filled the vacuum.
He told MPs: ‘The British National Party will use grooming as a key element of its campaign in the Rotherham election campaign, which will start soon.
One does wonder why the so called Muslim community thinks he's overstepped the mark, you'd think that the trials of over a hundred Muslim males so far would have alarm bells ringing in their community as well as others that there is a 'BIG' problem in there.
He's also right that the mainstream parties have let the people of this country down by not dealing with the issue in anything like an honest manner. Too many times we've heard the excuse of not wishing to offend, or cultural differences, or even the age old community cohesion that allowed the abuse of our young underage women for so long in areas where these communities abound.
For far too long politicians of the mainstream parties have been pandering to minorities in order to gain their so called block votes, this has to end. Honest criticism over the actions of many in those communities is the only way in which anything can be put right and trying to shut up those who criticise simply hardens the attitudes of the rest of us who see the wholesale abuse and wonder how they're getting away with it. Not that I expect those who tried to brush it under the carpet ever to be brought to account, though God knows they ought to be.
Perhaps if there were more honest politicians we might see a revival in the number of people prepared to vote.
I'm not going to hold my breath though.

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selsey.steve said...

What's wrong with saying, "There are gangs of Muslim men going round raping under-aged white girls" when there are groups of Muslim men going round raping under-aged white girls?

Why should anyone dispute the proven truth?

Aloha Snack-bar!

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

It's a very dangeous state of affairs when people deny the obvious truth.....

Laurie -