Thursday, November 15, 2012


Oh what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to tweet unsubstantiated allegations deceive. Well it seems the twitter and media storm over Lord McAlpine is about to go into overdrive with several letter naming his intention to sue after the leftists premature ejaculation of joy over the child abuse allegations spectacularly misfired.
Sally Bercow is set to be sued by Lord McAlpine after she wrongly named him on Twitter as a paedophile - but despite the threat of legal action she still went back online to tweet: 'Gulps'.
The Speaker's wife has been sent a letter before action by the Tory peer's legal team - warning her to apologise publicly and agree a settlement or be hauled before the courts.
Mrs Bercow, who admits she will be seeking legal advice, joined a Twitter frenzy following a botched Newsnight report that incorrectly put McAlpine at the centre of a North Wales sex abuse ring.
A source told MailOnline a 'handful' of letters will be sent to people today with more to follow in the coming weeks and months.
Meanwhile, Phillip Schofield was accused of 'destroying' Lord McAlpine's reputation and 'embarrassing' the Prime Minister as he was disciplined by ITV for his paedophile TV blunder.
Lord McAlpine has already received two apologies from Guardian journalist George Monbiot, who had named him in the Twitter storm
Now I don't tweet, I regard it as somewhat akin to mass texting and at 180 words to get your point across I can't really see the point. Nonetheless it has produced a series of gaffes amongst the rich and famous as well as certain of the powers that be which suggests that very much it is a medium where you can open mouth and insert foot with startling ease. Not that bloggers can be exempt from such activities, it's just that with most of us a blog post is something that requires a modicum of thought rather than texting what we think and having second thoughts afterwards.
Twitter itself seems to be an area where the hard of thinking particularly on the left thrive, though I do know a good number of right wingers who also partake of that online bloodsport. Taunting and undermining the left being a particularly easy task in a target rich environment. Still hopefully some out there might just be a tad more careful in the future about tweeting unsubstantiated rumours as gospel fact...
Actually, what am I saying, this is the liberal left we're talking about they never learn.
Still, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

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John M Ward said...

Yes, it's important for us not to let the Left have unrestrained freedom to dominate Twitter – which is one of the main reasons why I eventually started tweeting, after resisting for several years.

I have found it interesting to see just what can be done to spoil their party by informed challenge...

banned said...

Likewise not a Twitterer; I wish McAlpine well in his revenge but would urge him to go for the rich and famous (Monbiot/Bercow/individuals within the BBC) among his libellers rather than the rank and file Twits, most of whom will have no money worth taking.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

I hope that SB gets her just desserts then she and others might be a bir more circumspect in the views and keep them to themselves. I love it when Tw@tter backfires.

Those who live by the (s)word die by the (s)word.......

Laurie -

phoenix said...

Interesting, Alpine (don't know what he is) against high powered politician Berkow (and we know what he is). Time to sit back and enjoy.
The only downside is that Mr Money may eventually give Westminster the tools it needs to muzzle the press. The average man could raise £5000 at a push to fight a legal issue; therefore a law that limits the cost of any law suit to that amount would be good for justice.
The lawyers may have to live like the rest of us on those fees but that ain't bad. Just the main points would resolve the issue instead of the expensively researched minutia