Thursday, November 1, 2012

Out of step and possibly out of his mind

The boy Clegg predictably came out fighting over the mild slapping the Tories gave Cameron over the EU budget last night. Clegg who has to support the EU or lose his pension first said no way, then opted for opt in guarantees. Fortunately his party of nobodies are unlikely to influence any decisions, the opposition are taking the opportunity to play 6th form politics with the government knowing that at least 56 Tories will attempt to kick the EU in the nuts in given a chance.
Nick Clegg has warned Britain is at risk of leaving the EU if Tories keep trying to “unravel” Europe by clawing back powers
And this is bad how?
After the Government lost a vote to rebels on the EU budget, the deputy Prime Minister warned that Britain is in real danger of exiting if Tories keep "stamping their feet" and demanding new rules.
He also claimed "a grand, unilateral repatriation of powers might sound appealing but in reality, it is a false promise, wrapped in a Union Jack".
The deputy Prime Minister’s remarks will be interpreted as a swipe at David Cameron, who has promised to bring back powers from Brussels.
Speaking at Chatham House, Mr Clegg said the Lib Dems will play no part in taking back powers without absolute assurances that Britain can opt back in.
He also said there is "no hope" of a cut in the EU budget, as demanded by more than 50 Tory rebels and the Labour Party, because no other country is demanding such a reduction.
The fact that no other countries government is asking for a budget cut in the EU rather suggests that we would actually be better off out, after all if they want to pour their cash into an organisation who can't even get it's books signed off on a yearly basis then they're welcome to it.
I suspect Cleggy boy knows that the jig is up, that somehow or other the so called rebels (in reality patriots) will make sure that there is no way in hell that the government can win a budget increase vote. Not that I don't expect the government whips to try to tighten the thumbscrews over the next year or so on the dissidents, it's just that I think that in reality they and the country have pretty much had enough of the EU.
As for opt in's, well the EU will welcome us back with open arms anyway, we're a net contributor, they'd miss us far more than I suspect we'd miss them if only because the other members would be stiffed with the tab.
Hopefully the rebels can force Cameron into doing something which would put us into a position of being forced to accept something unacceptable or leave.
Leaving sounds good...

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JimS said...

I'm afraid my contempt for Clegg increases every time he opens his mouth.

I used to think he was just stupid but now I think it is just willful hatred of his own country and its people. A Marxist, just like most of our Oxbridge politicos of all parties.

Anonymous said...


Not you Mr QM.

Oldrightie said...

Anon, you are being very unfair on the female anatomy. No way is Clegg deserving of that mantle. Transgender post op is a big mouthful, sadly.

James Higham said...

Ah, I have a spot the difference quiz about him coming up.