Friday, November 2, 2012

If we did this we'd be prosecuted and jailed

Seems that child molesting isn't the only scandal to be happening in Rotherham under its MP's nose. Though again, that nose would appear to have been firmly in the trough to take much notice of what was going on under his watch. Besides in the wonderful world of socialist politics, minorities (apparently) do not come under the same rules as the rest of us. Nor it would seem do MP's either (though we already knew this)...
Former Labour minister Denis MacShane is facing suspension from the Commons for 12-months.
A Parliamentary committee found he had submitted 19 false invoices which were "plainly intended to deceive" Parliament's expenses authority.
The committee said it was the "gravest case" which has come to them for adjudication.
Mr MacShane, who has been suspended from the Labour Party, said he was "shocked and saddened" by the move.
The MP for Rotherham had been suspended from the Labour party while police investigated his expenses claims, but he had the whip reinstated when the criminal inquiry was dropped.
The committee's report described Mr MacShane's false claims as "far from what would be acceptable in any walk of life" and "fell far below the standards of integrity and probity expected of every member of the House".
The false invoices related to work Mr MacShane carried out in Europe and he was particularly criticised for his use of public money for European travel.
The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards said the "real mischief" of Mr MacShane's actions was submitting invoices that bypassed the "checks and controls" of the House and "enabled Mr MacShane to spend public money as he thought fit".
As the post title says, if you or I had tried such a thing with our employer and been caught then the criminal investigation would not have ceased, we would have been suspended, enquiries made, sacked, arrested, charged and possibly imprisoned.
What made it worse is that this was our money, we're the employers here, not the  Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, who are supposed to work for us. Yet as ever the old boys network came into play, MacShane will not be sacked, not banned from public office and after a year it will be as if nothing ever happened. We probably couldn't even trust the voters in Rotherham to kick him out as the 'Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire' is notorious for voting in donkeys provided they wore a red rosette.
The people of Rotherham who don't vote for the likes of MacShane and who have seen their towns name dragged through the mud due to the authorities looking the other way whilst muslims of Pakistani origin were raping under age young girls supposedly in their care on almost a factory production line have my sympathy. Those who voted for the likes of MacShane and the various council members under whose watch corruption and abuse festered seem to have gotten the representation they deserved.
Pity we cannot sack him, pity we cannot bring those authorities to justice, but those in power seem to have made sure we can do no such thing...

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Rebel lady said...

Apparently he blaims the BNP!
If true, can I just say WELL DONE the BNP ***claps***
And when is the thieving, lying, socialist europhile, scumbag going to prison?

Dioclese said...

Couldn't agree more. Appalling. As you quite rightly say, if you or I did this then we'd be nicked.

Unless, of course, you are a lawyer because they seem to get away with things too.