Saturday, November 3, 2012

The kind of society some want?

One of the means by which the Nazi's and Socialists of the past (and in a few cases today) maintained their grip on those under enslaved by their system was that some people were prepared to report on what their neighbours were doing, in some cases whether they were doing it or not. In this instance kudos have to go to the police for deciding there wasn't a case to answer and no I don't blame them for having to check, it's their job if a complaint is made, it just makes a difference that they actually did bother to look. No I blame the kind of society who produced a person who could do this without checking all the details and simply assume 'fault' was to be found.
A pub holding a competition to find the ‘Ugliest Woman’ got a visit from the police after someone reported them for sexism.
An unknown complainant demanded the competition be cancelled and wanted the owners of Islay Inn prosecuted.
However, when police arrived at the Glasgow venue they gave manager George Hogg the go ahead after discovering it was, in fact, a competition for men dressed as women.
Mr Hogg told of his disbelief of the complaint and accused the protestor of being ‘over the top with political correctness.’
He said: ‘I have no idea who made the complaint and the police wouldn’t tell me - but if he or she had bothered to read the advert properly, they would have realised that it was not ugly women we were looking for - but ugly men dressed up as women.
You have to wonder whether it was malice or misunderstanding behind the complaint, possibly it was a combination of the two with someone reading the advert without checking the small print and deciding to be offended by proxy, something which many minority groups claim is the bane of their existence.
Personally I have no problem if a pub wants to hold an ugly woman contest, I wouldn't even be offended if it were just open to women come to that same with an ugly man competition, after all they've been holding 'gurning' competitions for years.
No what bothers me is the political correctness that would make some person decide that this was their business to complain about. Rather than the libertarian view that what someone does is their business so long as it does not impinge on my freedoms. You should not have any right to be offended by any such thing, the most you should be able to do is ignore it, not waste police time on it.
Yet I have the feeling that this is exactly the sort of society that the powers that be want, a one where we imprison ourselves in chains of our own making. It would certainly save them the bother of paying guards, after all a society with people who complain about frivolous stuff will surely not spot them raking in expenses cash or robbing us blind whilst abusing our kids?
After all, that's why the higher echelons of the likes of Nazi's and socialists do...

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Woodsy42 said...

Discriminating against transgender rights is even worse then ordinary sexism so of course the police could take no action.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Quiet Man

Are we to infer that had the competition actually been for women, the police would have acted?

If that were the case, then it would only be further proof of our livestock status.


Rootar said...

This is one person trying to stop something because their little head doesn't think it should be happening. Well, who gives a f*ck what they think ? - Um, well, our Police seem to and, instead of telling this person to 'please go away', actually interviewed the publican. I regard this as a waste of taxpayers money. Is the complainant going to get their knuckles rapped over this ? I doubt it.

microdave said...

"But ugly men dressed up as women"

I assume that Les Dawson is currently revolving in his grave...