Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Common sense

The disaster that was a Labour core philosophy carries on in the shape of mass uncontrolled immigration by which they hoped to rub the 'rights' nose in multiculturalism, whoever the right might be. Yet you get the odd MP who isn't afraid of being tarnished a racist sticking their head above the parapet to say pretty much what most ordinary people think.
MIGRANT workers could be barred from entering Britain if they have criminal records, are in poor health or do not have a job arranged. Tory MP Stewart Jackson is tabling a bill tomorrow to challenge an EU directive that gives Europeans the right to live here regardless of backgrounds or ability.
Under the Peterborough MP’s bill, migrants would also be prevented from claiming benefits for 18 months after arriving in the UK.
Mr Jackson said: “At the moment we have a crazy system where we are turning away highly qualified people from the Middle East but have to let in anyone from Europe regardless. It is right that the British Parliament dictates which foreign people live and work in the UK.
“We want hard-working, highly skilled people and, above all, we want to take back control of our borders.”
The 2004 directive led to an influx of migrants, putting strain on health services and schools and pricing Britons out of jobs.
Whilst I'm not too sure about wanting middle east skilled workers as some islamics bring far more trouble than they are worth, I have no real objection to allowing people to settle here if they have a skill set we desperately need, though only as a short term measure until we train up enough of our own, assuming that's cost effective. What we clearly don't need are sick people, unskilled people (we have enough of our own thanks) and we don't need criminals either (again we have enough of our own) Unfortunately the EU decided we shouldn't be able to control our own borders and anyone from the EU was welcome to come here and dip into our benefits system, even people straight off the ferry in Greece were simply given a passport on condition they didn't stay there.
That is one of the real reasons we need to get out of the EU, we need to be in control of our own destiny once more. We then need to be removing those who should not be here by means of removing all benefits too them.
Multiculturalism and mass immigration failed and have been shown to be of no benefit to those who live here, it's time and passed time it was ended.

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Martin said...

The reason the eu allow mass immigration is so eventually there won't be enough people bothered about sovereignty .
So they'll keep coming until when the question ,( shall we call this country EU state 13 instead of England?), the vote is yes . Simples .

Lady rebel said...

Multiculturalism is the imposition of minority culture over the wishes and rights of the majority. Multiculturalism is designed to segregate people not integrate them, thereby setting up the "new class" struggle that the left wing socialists crave for.
Multiculturalism is a political tool used to disenfranchise the indigenous population overtime and substitute British views and values for Marxist diatribe.
Multiculturalism is designed to dilute the indigenous culture progressively, and it is a clear form of political ethnic cleansing to make way for left-wing ideology, since most Brits are conservative with a small c.
Multiculturalism is the best way of defeating our culture. The two words the multiculturalists have used to keep us mentally shackled are: Tolerance and Racist. Tolerance opens the door to mass immigration and Racist shuts the door to dissent.

Have patience, they will not win, we wont let them.

ReefKnot said...


The EU believe that WW1 and WW2 were caused by extreme Nationalism, and therefore the idea of a Nation State could be abolished by flooding the countries of the EU with immigrants, thus destroying the concepts of Nationality and Sovereignty and hence preventing WW3. Note that the EU have just managed to get themselves awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for preventing WW3 ( as they see it ). In fact, of course, it should have been NATO that got the prize.
The sight of tens of thousands of Brits wearing the Union Flag at the Olympics must have pissed off the EU greatly - I didn't see a single person wearing or waving an EU flag.