Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And people will still vote for them

Private Finance Initiatives were at the heart of the Blair/Brown government and were supposed to be the means by which new hospitals could be built on the never, never. In other words private finance would cover the initial costs and the government (via the NHS trusts) would rent it back from the financiers over a fixed period of time.
As ever when politicians get their hands on a 'solution' it turns to dross in their hands, particularly politicians of the left who come with all the baggage of socialist economic lunacy and the infamous magic money tree belief.
MPs warned last night that NHS hospitals could go bust as a result of Labour’s botched PFI deals.
Many trusts’ chances of breaking even were being undermined by ‘unaffordable’ contracts with private sector companies under the much-derided private finance initiative, the Public Accounts Committee said.
But members also criticised the present Government for having no idea how to respond if a trust does go bankrupt and is forced to close down – saying the controversial reforms imposed on the NHS could make things worse.
They said it appeared the Department of Health was ‘inventing rules and processes on the hoof’ to deal with hospital trusts which get into financial difficulties.
It raises the possibility of communities being left without vital services because managers at their local trust have not been able to keep the organisation solvent. At least 22 trusts, running 60 units, are facing severe problems as a result of PFI burdens, and earlier this year the DoH had to put in £1.5billion to bail them out.
One of the reasons the present government is having such problems sorting out the nations finances is mainly due to the Labour scorched earth initiatives which made getting out of or renegotiating policies almost impossible due to substantial penalty clauses built into them. Labour knew they were going out eventually and so in a fit of malice and spite made sure that any incoming government were going to be saddled with their flagship policies come what may, never mind the cost to the nation.
Add this to uncontrolled immigration, placing Labour supporting figures in key positions of authority, the use of fake charities to supplement Labour policies via think tanks which bore no resemblance to what the people were actually thinking. Human Rights Act, Multiculturalism in which barbarism was given equal tolerance with decency, attacks on civil liberties, political correctness, the emasculation and dumbing down of education and the various witch hunts of CRB checks, the list just goes on and on...
Our country is in a mess and it's all Labours fault.
Yet people still vote for them and somehow think they're the party who care.
Despite all evidence to the contrary...

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The Jannie said...

If you ever thought your local authority was clueless, try working for a PFI contractor. That'll larn ye.

Here in the People's Republic of South Yorkshire it is often said that if a monkey waved a red flag they'd vote for it. My question is, why do the electorate keep proving this to be true?

Anonymous said...

One of the problems is historic. The people of Yorkshire believe that the Tory party is out to put the working man down 'where he belongs' while the Labour Party is the party of the people, giving the workers an equal voice. Further south it is the opposite, a vote for a Tory candidate will help prevent the comunisitic tendencies of the Labour party to destroy all that they have worked for in buying their own property, saving hard to ensure their children and grandchildren have a good education while fearing that a Labour government would compulsory purchase their house at a fifth of its value and send their children to a sink council school where English is the 4th most used language. In the event, both are correct. There is no happy medium and that is why this country will go from financial crisis to financial crisis as one government spends more than it can afford only for the next government having to make cuts to pay for the financial excesses of the last lot.
The other problem is idealogical, in that no one from the Tory party trusts anyone from the other side and vice versa. There are, however, truly honourable memebrs of Parliament though from different political viewpoints. Frank Field (Labour) would be in my Cabinet, as would David Davies (Tory). There may even be room for Liberals or independents. Until these political cretins get their heads together and think of the future of this country and not of their own particular political future, we will continue to wallow, directionless, in the trough of the waves caused by the EU.

Dan said...

The only way of properly sorting this out is through devolving much more power down to a local level. So, abolish national income tax, and permit local authorities to set it at a local level for their residents. Allow them similarly to set minimum wages, and levels of various benefits. Finally, make it a condition of standing for office that all of a person's assets be put into a blind trust to avoid impartiality (with judicial oversight to avoid tricks such as passing assets to relatives).

What this will do is permit traditionally Labour areas to elect the usual knuckle-dragging red monkeys to office, where they will act just like Labour loonies have always done.

When things go to shit, the electorate will have taught its self a valuable lesson in why you don't vote for muppets.