Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Apparently we just don't understand

The Rotherham fostering case meanders on this week with a fightback lead by a Labour councillor telling us all that if we knew the full details of the case we'd understand the decision, whilst the Council are keeping a report of the case secret, so we can't understand all the details which lead to the decision.
A senior councillor in Rotherham has accused people of "wading in to pass judgement" on the Ukip fostering row without "any real knowledge" of the case.
Josephine Burton, a cabinet member at Labour-run Rotherham metropolitan borough council, told a member of the public that she was "disappointed" by coverage of the case.
The parents at the centre of the row said they felt "slandered and besmirched" after social workers took three ethnic minority children from their care because they were members of the UK Independence Party.
"As a teacher you will know how frustrating and unhelpful it is when people “pronounce” about Education without any real knowledge of what happens and how it works, apart from the fact that they went to school. The Press, so far, has not reflected this situation very accurately, and that is very disappointing."
Mrs Burton yesterday defended the decision by a social services director to remove the children from the foster parents' care.
Rotherham metropolitan borough council yesterday failed to apologise to the couple and refused to release the findings of an internal report into the case.
It's also been announced elsewhere that whilst looking after the children's cultural and ethnic needs and interests (Which apparently anyone who is a member of UKIP can't) the family have been split up by the councils social services, thus compounding the original decision with insult to boot.
It does appear that the Labour controlled council do not appear aware of the maxim about holes and stopping digging as they just can't seem to help themselves where it comes to appearing callous and ignorant.
If the kids had gone as a group to eastern European ethnic foster parents then fine, but, the council social services moved them with less than 20 mins notice, split the kids up, and potentially slandered the foster parents who had an impeccable record to boot simply because they belonged to a political party that opposes immigration, not immigrants though, something which appears to have escaped the notice of the council and social workers.

Appears to say it all
 Truly this one is going to run and run...

Problem is it's taking away the scrutiny of Rotherham social services other major failing, the grooming of under age girls by muslims.

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Sue said...

Why are these children here in the UK? Surely they'd be "culturally" better off in their home country, especially if they have family there.

R Soul said...

Presumably this "teacher" would also not condone any teaching of children by teachers who support UKIP ?

Woodsy42 said...

I'm surprised the adopters haven't both lost their jobs as well, maybe that will be the council's revenge move?

Anonymous said...

that news that the children are now split up makes the stomach churn. Poor kids.

Anonymous said...

Also don't forget the odious McShame in all this. If the people of Rotherham still vote Liebor then they must all be brain dead.