Monday, November 26, 2012

Another 3,000 reasons to leave the EU

It has long been a mystery to me why public servants value themselves so much whilst producing little of value themselves., the higher up the food chain you go, the worse it gets, a prime example being the EU and the amount it pays its public servants to meddle with the rest of us.
ANGER at the Brussels gravy train intensified last night after figures revealed 3,325 Eurocrats earn more than David Cameron. An astonishing seven per cent of the EU’s civil servants are paid more than the Prime Minister’s annual salary of £142,000.
Their income is boosted by lavish perks including an “expatriate allowance” for living abroad, which is worth an extra 16 per cent of their basic salary, plus generous tax allowances.
The shocking figures, released by a German MEP, were published after the Brussels summit row over Mr Cameron’s call for cuts to the EU administration budget.
The revelation fuelled demands for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership.
Tim Aker, of anti- Brussels campaign group Get Britain Out, said: “British workers seeing pay freezes or cuts will
be outraged at these ridiculous Eurocrat salaries.
“Our £53million-a-day bill to the EU would be better spent at home rather than lining the pockets of bureaucrats in Brussels.”
But a European Commission spokesman said: “The majority of us are highly-qualified professionals such as lawyers or economists, so of course the average salary is high.”
Nothing quite like blowing your own trumpet from the EU, nor do I believe any economist or lawyer is worth over £142,000 of my cash, especially considering the EU's economic record, levels of corruption and interference in matters which should not really concern it. If they did a good job, I might not mind, but it's like our local councils paying over the odds for their chief executives and still closing down or trimming back services when the most obvious one is the wages at the top. Of course these tend to be the guys who decide which services have to go so are reluctant to actually deal fairly with the problem.
And that is at the crux of the EU's problems, it values itself because the people within it running it value themselves and don't have to face any form of scrutiny as to their worth both to the EU and especially those who pay for the bloated edifice. After all, the EU's auditors have not had its books signed off in God alone knows how many years such is the waste and corruption inherent in its systems.
The problem is that our own government will not do anything to stop the rot, well nothing that will really work such as leaving the damned thing and simply getting on with being a nation again. Nor I expect could we see the £53 million actually coming back into our pockets, there would always be some grand project (and its administrators) needing that sort of funding.
Perhaps the best and only way would be a system where taxpayers get to vote on the governments budget plans each year, with a complete breakdown or tick sheet as to what you believe you should pay for and what you shouldn't.
But that would be taking power away from politicians, so they won't go for it...

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Anonymous said...

Well we may have to use 'Grand Piano Wire' on these people instead of the normal stuff we'll use on our own leeches.