Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Part of the problem anyone in politics faces are calls to step down or apologise over saying something they hold to be true, despite it not fitting into the current multiculti, politically correct, one size fits all equality being rammed down our throats being encouraged upon us by the powers that be in an attempt to destroy society help us all get along. This essentially means that Christians who follow the New Testament with regard to their beliefs can often come under fire for holding to what their holy book tells them.
A UKIP by-election candidate has been called on to apologise after saying gay people should not be allowed to adopt.
Winston McKenzie, UKIP candidate for Thursday's Croydon North by-election, told a local reporter placing children with same-sex couples was "unhealthy".
His comments, which he said were linked to his Christian views, have been criticised by a number of his competitors for the south London seat.
UKIP said the party wholeheartedly supported equal rights for gay couples.
I'm sure it would have been easy for Mr McKenzie to have been less than honest in his interview or did a politicians fudge by avoiding the question with waffle (aka answering a different question entirely) but he chose to hold to his beliefs and is now being castigated by various other candidates because of them. Thing is, most people know that Christians are opposed to certain things, it sort of goes with the territory and these are Mr McKenzie's personal views not that of his party. I doubt it will stop the pink mafia descending on Croydon to try and make his life a misery though, but perhaps it might be best to let the electorate decide rather than some special interest groups. Mind you, the only ones (so far) having a go at him are the failing Lib Dems and lunatic Greens both behind him in the polls anyway. The Labour candidate refused to comment which seems to suggest some common sense at work there given the parties now tattered reputation in Rotherham perhaps spilling over into Croydon.
What someone believes and what their party advocates are not the same thing at all, people ought to understand this and not try to make political capital over it. Mr McKenzie is entitled to his views backed up as they are by his religion. He's not calling for gays to be banned, nor hung from cranes as certain islamic countries do.
At least he's honest, perhaps the people of Croydon could do worse than elect an honest man to represent them...

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