Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Saville cover up

Oddly enough not about Jimmy Saville or the ensuing damage limitation enquiries into what was going on in the years when he was apparently active in abusing kids along with several so far unnamed others (Trawl the internet if you want names but as several are still living and I like blogging here, I can't for legal reasons name them)
Whilst the MSM have gone into overdrive over these allegations you can almost see the political calculations going on in the background and it's become a good month to bury bad news, or at least put other items to sleep in small columns in the centre of the papers rather than on the front page. Not that many in the blogging world are fooled, or indeed those active on political and various pressure group debate forums, but sadly we're very much in a minority. As far as the general public are concerned, all they want to read about is Saville, or before that it was the absconded schoolgirl. And whilst the effects of the Saville cases are widespread and may have caused some harm, he was only one man and there's far worse out there that really needs to be looked at, such as the scandal of the 'Family Courts' mostly ignored by the media due to reporting restriction though championed by Christopher Booker against a tide of deliberate resistance by those in authority to cease and desist along with tell all as to why it's really going on.
Also pushed off the front page is the ongoing Muslim grooming scandal which is now reaching almost epic proportions as police are now investigation over 10,000 cases of suspected abuse around the country, compared to the Saville 100. Horrifying as that is, in South Yorkshire a hot spot for many of the allegations there has not been one successful prosecution for child sex exploitation, only one in 2010 and eight in 2008. Yet the police and authorities have known for decades that this was going on and wrote off these young girls in an effort to appease community cohesion. South Yorkshire Police had even denied any suggestion they had been reluctant to tackle child sexual abuse and pointed to a series of successful criminal convictions. Yet a confidential 2010 police report exposed by The Times warned that thousands of such crimes were committed in South Yorkshire each year.
There are plenty of other stories buried under the mass of MSN speculation too, I'm sure you could make a fairly lengthy list.
I've believed ever since the Saville case hit the headlines (and I've known about the rumours for years) that this was a deliberate attempt by the powers that be to remove or deflect something from the public glare. I'm pretty sure that a cover up is going on and only a dead man will be named and shamed, others are digging assiduously though and hopefully the truth will out as it did in Belgium of the child sex scandal there.
That said, exposure of the scandal changed nothing, I'd expect as much here, the public are being prepared well in advance and the fix is in...

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English Pensioner said...

I fully agree with you, except in this case "Savile" has only one "l"!
It will be a bit confusing if we have another "Saville Enquiry", we've already had one of those into Bloody Sunday and it cost a fortune.

Can this be real? said...

Notwithstanding your excellent post. Another slant on it all coming out now is that Leveson will be torpedoed with our wonderful MSM able to equate whining slebs with "having something to hide and we all know where that leads".

In short business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Having read the article by Christopher Booker, it adds more weight to what I had first thought to be too bizarre to be true – that there is high-power paedophile group, often kidnapping children, and stitching up a hapless local (the recent case in Wales being a case in point). That courts like this should exist in this country should chill the marrow of every true Briton.

With regards to the South Yorkshire paedophile cases, the English Defence League (invariably referred to as “right wing” or even “extreme right” by the TV stations, though, to the best of my knowledge, the EDL has no political affiliations) protested peacefully in Rotherham, in an attempt to raise public awareness of the scandal, to have Unite Against Fascism employing their usual fascist techniques (oh, what irony!) to silence the EDL. Needless to say, the news channels declined to highlighted the intentions of the EDL protest, only reporting the scrapping that occurred, though did not say who started it, from which you may draw your own conclusions (as an indication, if it’s deemed to be the EDL, that information tends not to be withheld).

Radical Rodent

p.s. I do not have any interest in the EDL, other than to note their reported activities, and the almost Pavlovian response of the UAF.