Sunday, October 21, 2012

Department of pre crime...

The English Defence league are not everyone's cup of tea (though they aren't quite what a lot of people believe them to be either) But by and large they attempt to protest within the letter of the law, liaising with police for their marches, self regulating themselves with stewarding and ejecting troublemakers from their demo's though often enough the troublemakers roots can be traced to the vile Unite Against fascism or other violent groups of the ugly left. The EDL are frequently maligned in the MSM too with accurate reporting being a bit of a joke and misleading headlines about arrests made (22 arrests at EDL demo, but 20 of them were UAF/Muslims) giving the impression that the EDL were/are at fault. Last year though on Remembrance day I witnessed a new tactic by the police, members of the EDL being arrested on suspicion that they 'might commit a crime' This has been followed up several times by the police who seem to believe that arresting people who might commit a crime particularly if they are a protest group is indeed a brilliant idea...
Police have arrested 53 men, believed to be supporters of the English Defence League, who were heading to London.
The men were held on the M25 motorway near Heathrow Airport and Uxbridge and on the M3 near Bagshot, Surrey, on Saturday afternoon, police said.
The men were heading to a location in east London, but police have not revealed where they were due to gather.
All 53 were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance, the Metropolitan Police said.
They have been bailed until a later date pending further inquiries.
A Met spokesman said: "This was part of an intelligence-led investigation into a planned disturbance in east London on that day (Saturday)".
One of the bail conditions imposed on the men bans them from entering east London to demonstrate for a stipulated period of time, police said.
The men were taken to police stations in central and south London.
One of the men arrested was Kevin Carroll who is standing for election to the police commissioner post in Berkshire, another is Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley Lennon) who is still under arrest and was at the time of writing still in incarceration.
Let me make this plain, no crime was committed and no crime was going to be committed, nor do the police need to be informed of a static demo. yet still, 53 innocent men were arrested, bailed and prevented from attending any demo's in East London based on 'intelligence' which strikes me as the same sort of intelligence which got 173 EDL arrested on Remembrance Day because some idiot put on facebook the EDL were going to march on the Occupy London gimps at St Paul's (no how, no way Occupy don't even register on the EDL's radar)
It seems as if our over zealous police (probably the higher ups) are under instruction to prevent the EDL from causing a fuss about islamic crimes and behaviour, it won't work, though any who take pleasure from such arrests ought to keep in mind Pastor Martin Niemöller's poem.
First they came for the EDL...

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John M Ward said...

This country's police forces are riddled with Common Purpose subversives, many of them in quite senior positions (a former Chief Constable here in Kent was one such, to show just how high they go) and it is quite likely that this action is something initiated by one or more of them.

It would be entirely consistent with their agenda and methods.

Anonymous said...

It brings the film “Minority Report” a little closer to home. Will the progress result in a similar ending?

The English Defence League is invariably prefixed with “right wing” or even “extreme right” by the TV stations, though, to the best of my knowledge, the EDL has no political affiliations. At a recent protest in Rotherham, they engaged in what was intended to be a peaceful in an attempt to raise public awareness of the long-standing scandal of a particular group of paedophiles being kept under wraps in the town. Naturally, Unite Against Fascism joined in, employing their usual fascist techniques (oh, what irony!) to attempt to silence the EDL. Needless to say, the news channels declined to highlight the intentions of the EDL protest, only reporting the scrapping that occurred, though did not say who started it, from which you may draw your own conclusions (as an indication, if it’s deemed to be the EDL, that information tends not to be withheld).

Such blatant bias by both the media and the police certainly has to get “conspiracy theorists” twitching.

Radical Rodent

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why the police are losing all respect.
I seriously worry how this country, we really are turning into George Orwell's 1984. My thanks go to the EDL for trying to do something, I despise the UAF.

andy5759 said...

There's another poem which comes to mind; "The Secret People" by G. K. Chesterton. Google it if you're not familiar, it may bring hope.