Monday, October 22, 2012

A breach of the peace.

Seems the states 'encouragement' of arresting people who might commit a crime is going a bit further than I thought.
This from the British freedom Party site...
By George Whale, 21:20 Monday
I have just received an urgent telephone call from British Freedom leader Paul Weston who has been arrested outside Wormwood Scrubs Prison.
Speaking from the back of a police van being driven to an unknown destination, Paul hurriedly informed me that he and a friend had travelled to the prison in West London this evening with the aim of visiting Tommy Robinson, or at least assuring themselves of his well-being.
Speaking through a glass panel they had asked officers at the prison to confirm that Tommy was being held there, but they refused to provide this information, citing the ‘Data Protection Act’. Paul and his friend again demanded to know where Tommy was being held, and at that point both were charged with breach of the peace, arrested and bundled into the police van.
Our conversation was cut off with Paul loudly remonstrating to an unidentified individual, “take your hands off me!”
We will update you on the situation as it unfolds.
Seems as even asking will get you arrested these days, providing of course you aren't islamic or a socialist...

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