Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hypocrisy writ large

There was an anti-austerity demo by the TUC in London yesterday, supported by the Labour Party of course with Ed Millipede giving a speech amongst others.
Labour leader Ed Miliband dubbed the Prime Minister 'clueless' today as he joined a huge protest against the Government's austerity measures.
More than 150,000 people took part in the demonstration in London, which heard calls for a general strike.
Mr Miliband accused the Prime Minister of 'clinging' to policies which were not working. He said the coalition was cutting taxes for millionaires and raising them for everyone else.
He said: 'It is one rule for those at the top and one rule for everyone else.'
The protesters carried banners which read: 'Cameron Has Butchered Britain', '24 Hour General Strike Now' and 'No Cuts' as they marched through Whitehall towards Hyde Park.
None of them seemed to realise just why and how the government have to apply austerity measures of course, nor who really is to blame. Not that the government have made any real cuts either, they've simply slowed down the borrowing, we're all still in the position of spending the rest of our lives paying off the debts our politicians have racked up in the name of political policy rather than common sense.
Nor do the protesters seem to realise that if Labour had won the last election they'd have been forced into the same position as the government, or more likely have been forced to call in the IMF and we'd be looking at a situation akin to Greece.
Truly socialists must rank amongst the hardest of thinking in the country if they believe that somehow or other the country (and those who make money for the country) can afford their delusions of gold plated pensions, over generous benefits, minimum wage payments and unrealistic wages in the ever expanding public sector.
All they understand is tax and spend, never the consequences of what happens when the money runs out...
Not that the coagulation are much better of course, but at least they appear to actually understand what's happening even if they are ineffective in dealing with it.

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