Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coming out of the woodwork

The Saville inquisition holds very little interest for me at the moment, other than as a prime example of how being dead removes the threat of libel and slander counter-litigation from the legal system.
I've been aware of the issues involved festering around for several years now on various debate boards, though I was a tad surprised it took this long for the MSM to become involved, normally they're only weeks behind, not years as in this case. The other thing that doesn't really surprise me is just how many 'new' cases have come to light after the initial allegations were made.
A hospital in Leeds has received two complaints of sexual assault by Sir Jimmy Savile dating back to the 1970s.
Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) said the complaints had been made after allegations Savile sexually assaulted teenage girls became public.
It added it was "shocked" and would co-operate with police.
The Metropolitan Police said its investigation into allegations against Savile would include hospitals where he had volunteered.
Apart from wondering why only now are they complaining and thinking compo culture you have to wonder just how such allegations were kept from the public eye for so long or just where the cover up (if there is one) will lead and whether it will actually open a massive can of worms or degenerate as these things often do into damage limitation.
Still it's worth comparing the Saville case with the ongoing muslim grooming scandal, this issue had been raised with the police over the last ten years, with hints of it going back a lot further if you check out the case of the UK's youngest mum having been the rape victim of a muslim cabby.
This time the cover up in the name of community cohesion was blatant by police, social workers and the powers that be, the same ones now getting involved in the Saville case.
You can't help but wonder if it is that the Saville scandal was allowed to hit the MSM when the full details of the muslim grooming scandal were beginning to emerge with additional cases coming up in Telford, Oxford, Rochdale, Birmingham and Rotherham, with further investigations ongoing in several other towns and cities.
Because Saville is dead speculation can be rife about the allegations, with the muslim grooming scandal details are still sketchy and are being pushed back off the front page by the Saville story.
The more suspicious minded of us are wondering if this is a coincidence...
Somehow I think not.

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Anonymous said...

An ex-Army colleague worked for the BBC after keaving the Services and became concerned at the activities of various entertainers. He reported these concerns to his manager who, despite regular praise for the wuality of his work (telecommunications), resulted in termination of employment for not meeting the standards of the BBC. Not only was he unemployed but he found that he had been more or less blacklisted and the only job he could get was working in a back street TV repair shop. Perhaps someone had a word with the owner as he was sacked after 3 months! When I last saw him he was a (very depressed) traffic warden making plans to emigrate. Unfortunately we lost touch after that but together with all the horrific stories emanating from Television Centre, kids were not the only victims. Perhaps that's why no-one in the business came forward. The loss of job, home and marriage, or threat thereof, can concentrate the mind somewhat.

Anonymous said...

When will the allegations about some of the other people mentioned in blogs start to be mentioned in the msm.

Or are they too important, what with having titles and all that crap, and therefore can get away with paedophilia?

James Higham said...

Muslim grooming scandal went very quiet, didn't it? Talk about falseness in PC politics.

banned said...

In the first year of my (all boy) comprehensive we all heard about "Bender Thompson" (real nickname, assumed actual name) who was Pastoral Head of the 2nd Year. He had been in this position of power for decades and had a very strong personality with far more gravitas than the feeble brained J. Saville.

We all knew why he would randomly appear in the changing rooms after PE; we all knew about the 'underwear inspections' that he would carry out during away trips from school and we all knew why certain favorites were called to his study more than others.

Did it bother us? Frankly, no it didn't, it was just one more of school-lifes tribulations, vaguely amusing when visited upon others but best avoided.

If we all knew then presumably the staff did too. As I recall some mother eventually complained and The Bender was allowed to move on to the twilight of his career.