Friday, October 12, 2012

Giving away our money Europe style

Why is it that politicians and apparatchiks of the EU are so determined to tell us how to live our lives and pay out our wealth on projects and scams most of us have little interest in?
European immigrants should be able to claim handouts and pensions without first having to pass a test proving that they have settled in Britain, the European Union has said.
The demand is the latest response in a continuing row after Iain Duncan Smith said that such a system would mean immigrants could get benefits on the first day of entering Britain.
The Work and Pensions Secretary said last month that it would cost taxpayers £155 million a year if the UK was forced to get rid of the “habitual resident test”.
The test makes sure that foreigners have genuinely lived and paid taxes in the country before they can claim welfare payments.
His department has been holding talks with the European Commission for months in an effort to find a solution, but sources said on Thursday that Brussels was preparing to sue Britain by the end of this year unless the test is scrapped.
The European Commission seems to have a little bit of bother over deciding what's theirs and what's ours, though if I had my way I'd make getting access to what's ours a great deal harder to get at than it currently is. The fact that you live here as an immigrant should under any reasonable circumstances mean that you are not entitled to anything at all from our benefits system unless you've paid into the system, it should also (though currently it doesn't) mean that you get nothing at all out unless you've paid a fixed amount in, either by way of a deposit or bond to settle or by having paid in 10 years worth of taxation in order to gain full citizens rights.
What we shouldn't be doing is allowing those who are elected and unelected to simply hand over this countries wealth to those who have simply come here to get their hands on our (over) generous welfare payments. The European Commission ought to have no say over our wealth, that it has is down to our own idiot politicians handing over that right, though sadly the voters here in the UK keep electing the corrupt mendacious thieving sods.
It really is becoming very simple, if we want control over our finances, immigration, production and laws we need to leave the EU.
The first steps to that are to vote for any party that says it will take us out.

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Captain Ranty said...

Did you spot this one?

Words fail me.


Barman said...

I moved to Cyprus ten years ago and I'm still entitled to fuck all.

No benefits, health care, nothing...

Quite right too!

So it can be done - why can't the UK do it...?