Friday, July 27, 2012

Utterly Hilarious

You'd think that a serving police officer would know better, you'd certainly think that a serving police officer with the name Hatef Nezami would know better than to make a prank call about a bomb threat to 'colleagues' in a special branch office. You'd especially think at the age of 48 that he'd at least have a modicum of common sense with regard as to what constitutes a genuine prank and something that caused mass panic...
A police officer caused a major terrorism alert after ringing a busy port with a hoax bomb threat.
PC Hatef Nezami, 48, rang colleagues at the police Special Branch office with a coded message that a device was placed in a busy port.
Specialist terrorism staff were so concerned by the call's authentic nature that they started preparing for a full terrorist attack.
The constable, who has completed a regional Special Branch terrorism course, said that a bomb was on a Condor ferry based in Poole, Dorset.
However at the time of his call, the ferry was actually sailing across the English Channel packed full of people travelling to the Channel Islands.
Mr Nezami is believed to have tried to call back to reveal his 'joke' call but was unable to do so for half an hour as staff were engaged on all the available phone lines alerting authorities.
One can only assume that Mr Nezami is one of the 'race industry's' token multicultural parachutee's  ill educated and ill suited for modern policing in the UK but at least his face is the right colour.
You'd expect in a case like this that he'd be hauled up before a disciplinary panel and if the evidence warranted it sacked, though considering what happened to Simon Harwood you have to wonder just how far they could go with no-one doing anything. As it is a packed ferry was put in a situation where it had to be prepared to be evacuated in the middle of the channel.
Remarkably, the Daily Mail understands that Mr Nezami, who has worked as a detective, has not faced criminal or disciplinary proceedings and was simply placed on uniform patrol at another station.
Clearly a case of one rule for them, another for us as the maximum sentence for a bomb hoax for a member of the general public is seven years. One does have to wonder if Mr Nezami would have faced a lot more in the way of punishment if he hadn't been a) coloured, b) a Muslim.

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StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Iz it cuz i iz White, Innit?

Laurie -

DerekP said...

"Mr Nezami is believed to have tried to call back to reveal his 'joke' call but was unable to do so for half an hour as staff were engaged on all the available phone lines alerting authorities.

My emphasis, but note the passiveness of the phrase, 'is believed' by someone unnamed that he did something to remedy his crime, but there is no proof or authority offered.

Indeed, it is very difficult for me to believe that he could not contact anybody in authority to reveal his 'joke' as certainly a call revealing the hoax would have been worthy of high priority, unless of course he was just trying to reach his mates for a chortle at the mayhem.

Bucko said...

Bloody hell. He should have been sacked at least. Cops can do no wrong, can they.

All the public have to do is talk about a bomb on twitter and they are up in court

andy said...

Are they sure is was a prank and not a test of our reactions and response times?

William said...

And some poor sod got banged up for tweeting about doing some dastardly deed at an airport last year!

Police showing time and again they are above the law whilst being bogged down with legalities and being divorced daily from the populace that is supposed to fund, respect and trust the buggers.

James Higham said...

Really lost for words, Sigh.