Saturday, July 28, 2012

Common sense intruding on the enviroloonies?

Seems the chancellor who is not popular with the Lib Dem part of the coagulation so he must be doing something right (or is simply way annoying over and above normal political levels) He's decided to reduce (though sadly not remove) the subsidy for bird mincers and solar rip off  panels.
Naturally the enviroloons and their political friends are not happy about this...
George Osborne infuriated Liberal Democrat colleagues and environmental groups yesterday by refusing to sign up to carbon emissions targets and insisting on a new ‘dash for gas’.
The Chancellor is understood to be determined not to commit Britain to tough climate targets beyond 2020, arguing they will be a disadvantage for businesses.
The Energy Department resisted calls for deep cuts to onshore wind subsidies, announcing yesterday a reduction of 10 per cent in payments for new turbines.
But green groups reacted angrily as the Government’s energy strategy endorsed support for future gas power in a compromise between the Lib Dem-led department and Mr Osborne.
Significantly, sources said the Chancellor and Prime Minister were determined to block ‘decarbonisation’ targets after 2020.
One Whitehall source said: ‘The official line is the Government is reserving its position, but George Osborne and David Cameron have made clear they object to post-2020 targets, which suggests the Government will never agree to any.’
I do wonder if the wheels are about to come off the 'green' bandwagon, though sadly this appears simply to be a case of trying to run the whole scam on the equivalence of running a car with a flat tyre. It's still capable of going and costing us in other words. Nor can I currently see the Lib Dem part of the coagulation or the Labour party giving up on trying to rip off the taxpayer to pay for these useless schemes
Still it's a move towards sanity by the chancellor at least and to give him credit he did appear to want to cut the subsidy a lot more but had to bow towards political reality in the form of appeasing the Lib Dems. It does appear that the government at least are beginning to understand that the proposed 'de-carbonising' proposals would be a death knell for UK industry and would wreck the economy so badly that we'd all be impoverished (something of an enviroloons wet dream I believe) so would not be able to afford to travel or indeed do anything including work.
As there's a review next year perhaps Osborne would get his way and drop the subsidy altogether and opt for a method of power generation that actually works when we need it and is economically sane as well.
Well we can always dream can't we?

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Curmudgeon said...

Anything that the Greenies "react angrily" to must by definition be good news :-)

Anonymous said...

Read Booker today;

thespecialone said...

Also Tim Yeo is not happy as he may lose lots of income. Good. Yeo is a parasite.