Sunday, July 29, 2012

What did they expect?

There have been complaints and something of a row over the rows of empty seats at some Olympic events. Seems the corporate block booking of huge sections of the best seats in the house goes against the leftist multiculti opening ceremony sentiments...
Mail (But mentioned throughout the MSM as well)
Olympic bosses have promised to investigate major sponsors after banks of empty seats were spotted at several sold-out Games venues today.
Several high-profile venues, including the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park and the gymnastics arena in North Greenwich, had rows of empty seats during morning sessions on the first day of the Games.
Locog said they would be investigating why the seats were unfilled, while Lord Coe has reportedly promised to name and shame sponsors who did not find takers for the venues.
This actually shouldn't surprise anyone, corporate sponsorship and block tickets are often bought as 'gifts' for favoured clients as part of sweeteners. There's no guarantee that they'll end up in the hands of people who might actually be interested in the event they're for. It doesn't happen at the Olympics either, any major sporting event that permits it (or indeed doesn't) will find that companies have gone to great lengths to get tickets for an event in the knowledge that the people they might give it too won't turn up as they haven't paid for it themselves so it means nothing too them. Happens at Wimbledon, happens at Wembley, ordinary people are priced out of the market by the sheer expense of the best seats coupled with a system of purchase that is often jammed or oversubscribed. Front seats for the 100 meter's final go at £725 which is a lot of money for something that lasts less than 10 seconds (I have to presume that the tickets are for the day, surely?????)
Sadly I cannot see this ever being resolved to favour the man on the street, assuming he's even interested, there's no way he can compete with the corporates, so the Olympics will have certain events looking empty and the possibility of non enthusiasts at the major finals simply because they have a ticket given to them.
Welcome to modern Britain...

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