Thursday, July 26, 2012


Why am I not surprised that a Muslim MP wants the Borders Agency to relax their security measures for airports during the middle of the Olympics. Could it be that he wants a terrorist outrage? he is a Muslim after all and has a history of making threatening gestures.
Home Secretary Theresa May should relax border checks to prevent queues at UK airports going back to pre-Olympics levels, a committee of MPs has said.
Border force chief Brodie Clark was forced out of his job in a row over easing identity checks at airports.
But Keith Vaz, chairman of the influential home affairs committee, said the scheme had kept queues down.
And it should be reinstated now the "panic" around Mr Clark had died down.
The former border force chief received a reported £250,000 payout in March after settling a constructive unfair dismissal claim against the Home Office, with neither side admitting fault.
He claimed he was being used as a political scapegoat after Mrs May said he had relaxed passport checks without her approval, something he denied.
Now Brodie Clark's methods included a "risk-based" approach to border control - which saw checks on EU school parties waived and border staff allowed to reduce scrutiny of EU passports deemed to be low-risk Problem being that an EU passport particularly in the Southern EU states was remarkably easy to get hold of and were handed out willy nilly to immigrants on the condition they didn't remain in the Southern EU states. So an EU passport was never a low risk affair and I suspect Vaz and Clark knew this.
Still you have to wonder whilst we're hosting the Olympics and having one or two problems with our own Islamic yahoo's why Vaz wants us to lower our security measures.

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Edwin Greenwood said...

Hold up, QM. The parliamentarian who threatened to summon 10,000 angry Muslims to avenge the screening of Fitna was reputedly Baron Ahmed, the "Imam of Rotherham" as I usually think of him. The oleaginous Vaz is an altogether different if equally objectionable scumbag.

Quiet_Man said...

Thanks Edwin, will correct that.

Anonymous said...

Bad timing, relax controls on children, the day after a lad goes from Manchester to Rome without passport or ticket!