Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You won't be missed

Seems the president of the Argies (Famous for losing the Falklands war) has decided to snub the UK government by not turning up for the Olympic opening ceremony.
ARGENTINA have continued their bad relations today as they refusedto send their President to the Olympics opening ceremony. In yet another diplomatic snub to Britain and its leaders amid growing tensions over the Falkland Islands, Argentina decided not to send its president to attend the ceremony.
President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will not be attending the ceremony, the Argentinian embassy said.
But relations between Kirchner and Prime Minister David Cameron have been tense ever since the Falklands and the decision by the Argentine leader not to attend gives a sure sign that relations have not been appeased.
It's the sort of gesture which will no doubt go down well in Argentina but leave the rest of the world thinking 'so what' It's not like anyone here will be looking out for the daft bint anyway. She couldn't even get Cameron to take her seriously during the G20 summit when he ignored her attempt to hand him a pile of steaming horse shit her countries grounds for making us negotiate the handover of the Falklands to Argentinian rule. Something that even the daft bint would have to recognise would be political suicide for any British Prime Minister, even a socialist one.
But then that's the root of her problem, she's desperately unpopular at home because she's trying to use socialist economic policies to run her failing economy despite the fact that a quick glance around the world and through history would tell her that it has never worked anywhere, yet the daft buggers keep trying it.
So all the daft bint is left with are grandiose gestures that please the home crowd, yet make her look petty elsewhere.

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banned said...

I met an Argie bastard the other day but while we agreed that Cameron and de Kirchner might be at daggers drawn it really had nothing to do with us and went for a beer together anyway.

James Higham said...

What wonderful news - she's not coming.