Friday, June 22, 2012

It's not just wrong...

Bit of a rhetorical question this, however in a civilised society what do you think should happen to someone who headbutted a woman causing them to have severe headaches, along with tinnitus and blurred vision. Whilst during the same incident kicked out and broke another persons kneecap to the point where they cannot walk unaided still? Somehow I don't think sorry should quite cut it do you? Nor in any civilised society would you expect to get just a 12 month referral order. However as we don't live in a just and civilised society, that's what happens, even if in mitigation the perpetrator is only 10 years old.
A BOY of 10 knocked one teacher unconscious and shattered another’s knee cap after being told off, a court heard yesterday.
The pupil became angry after teachers confiscated a coin he had been noisily scraping on a desk.
As staff tried to calm him in a corridor, he floored one woman teacher with a head-butt. She now suffers from headaches, tinnitus and blurred vision.
Kicking out, he broke a 53-year-old teaching assistant’s knee cap.
Despite surgery, she is unable to walk unaided. He later told police: “I’m sorry.”
The boy burst into tears as Bromley Youth Court in Kent was shown CCTV film of his rampage.
The pupil, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted unlawful wounding and causing actual bodily harm.
He was made subject to a 12-month referral order after District Judge Roger Ede told him it was “wrong to kick people”.
In my day we wouldn't have dreamed of doing anything like that, the teachers would have brayed the living daylights out of us had we tried, not to mention the fear of what would happen if our parents found out.
Not that I'm particularly happy at the sentence or the judge telling him that it's wrong either, the sentence should have reflected the seriousness of the incident and the thug made to suffer some real consequences, but sadly this is what passes for justice in the UK etc... 
His mother blamed the teachers for “causing the situation”.
She said: “He’s not a bad kid. He won’t be coming back to court.”
 Personally I blame his mother for not teaching the little scroat that scraping a coin on a desk is something you don't do and that attacking someone in a fit of rage when they stop you is not something you should ever do.

So we end up in a situation where it's more convenient to blame the teachers than mummy's little darling.
That's where the real problem lies...

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thespecialone said...

Personally I think that the mother should be imprisoned. She clearly believes that her little darling is well, a little darling who wouldn't do any harm to an ant. Maybe if she went inside she would realise that as a parent she has primary reponsibility for the behaviour of her offspring. Not the state, not the teachers. The parent(s).