Saturday, June 23, 2012

So what happened to payment in advance?

I'm finding it increasingly hard to keep my temper over this little scam piggybacked onto us by the EU where 'foreign' students qualify for cheap student loans then vanish without a trace after they have done their course.
Thousands of European students who attended British universities are failing to repay taxpayer-backed loans worth £75million.
Of 8,700 graduates who have moved abroad, just 800 are currently making repayments.
The whereabouts of a further 9,900 EU students are unknown. Officials are waiting for them to provide their financial details.
The revelations follow the release of official figures, which also show how total outstanding student debt owed by British and EU graduates has ballooned to £40.2billion.
The figure has nearly doubled in four years – and will spiral even more sharply from September, when the upper limit for tuition fees is raised from just over £3,000 to £9,000 a year.
Students from EU member states have been eligible for special low-interest loans from British taxpayers to cover tuition fees since 2006, but cannot claim maintenance loans.
British-based graduates pay back their student loans automatically through the tax system once their earnings exceed £15,000.
However, there is no equivalent mechanism for those who move abroad. They are required to set up direct debits, or remember to pay online.
The problem is that the EU demands that anything we offer our own is applicable to their countrymen as well. This is why EU students get free education in Scotland whilst the English don't and why EU students qualify for taxpayer backed loans in England yet are expected only 'remember' to pay them back. No, this doesn't happen in any other EU country as they restrict their universities to those who pay, in advance and don't offer loans to help them do so. So guess what happens? Yes 'impoverished' EU students come here, get cheap guaranteed loans and then bugger off without paying them back, after all, what's not to like from their point of view? It's not like we're even making an effort to try and keep tabs on them.
Once again the government and the EU have conspired to rob the UK taxpayer blind.
Can we please just leave?

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DerekP said...

European Arrest Warrants?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely bloody disgraceful, I'm sick of it all. Why don't their countries pay it and then be responsible for getting it back from the students?

wiggiatlarge said...

That is one of your best posts, to the point and totally correct, it falls in line with the other disgrace the one whereby people come and can claim without ever having put anything in the pot I believe they can do so for exactly the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

Passport return on payment seems to be a simple way of sorting this out.