Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It really was given the nature of the publicity and the crowing from the liberal left and the race industry over the Lawrence case, both before during and afterwards. The two men convicted are going to appeal their sentence and they are going to use legal aid to do so.
THE two race-hate thugs jailed for murdering Stephen Lawrence are to appeal against their convictions, it emerged last night.
David Norris, 35, and Gary Dobson, 36, will claim that their six-week trial, which resulted in unanimous guilty verdicts, was unfair.
Their move, which will prolong the agony of Stephen’s campaigning parents Doreen and Neville, is expected to take the killers’ legal aid bill through the £1million barrier.
Unfair? Well from a strictly outsiders point of view I'd have to say hell yes, the English constitution had to be broken and the law of double jeopardy removed from the statute books in order to bring a second conviction against them. The Daily Mail had already campaigned against them and named them after the original trial and the resulting political kerfuffle by the race industry and gutless politicians bending to expediency in the frenzied campaign to have the men involved re-arrested after they'd been bugged and monitored for years without actually admitting to anything other than being racist, which is not really a crime at all.
This was a political show trial to show the world that no-one can get away with a racist hate crime in this country (providing you're not any colour other than white) and in doing so an 800 year old ancient law put in place to protect us all was stripped from the constitution in order to prosecute these men.
Were they innocent or guilty? I don't know, I have my suspicions, but, those suspicions are coloured by the media campaign by the Lawrence family against them.
Was it a fair trial, I doubt it, oh there was some new evidence, but the publicity and notoriety of the trial itself was compromised by the MSM and politicians well before it actually happened.
Was it worth it? £50 million just to assuage the quest for justice by the Lawrence family and the collective guilt of the liberal left and other assorted political types, no, not really, there have been a good few other cases (Charlene Downes and Gavin Hopley spring to mind) where the police made errors and have all but abandoned the families involved as they aren't really a cause célèbre (or the right colour) to get the media attention.
Will they succeed? Probably not with this one, however I cannot see the ECHR allowing this to stand.

Update, Bucko got there ahead of me. The Moose.

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Curmudgeon said...

If the ECHR overturns the convictions I suppose it does have its uses.