Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's in a name

There's a beer around, a real ale beer I presume and it's called Top Totty, I've never tried it, though I possibly would depending on the mood, the moment, the cash flow or the wind direction, there's a hell of a lot of choice out there.
The beer, made by Staffordshire company Slater's Ales, was introduced to The Strangers' Bar in 2007
It's been sold in the House of Commons Strangers bar since 2007 so is probably a decent pint and quite popular. Well, it was popular until a female Labour MP decided she didn't like the name or the image.
A beer named Top Totty and advertised with a picture of a scantily-clad woman has been withdrawn from a Westminster bar after a Labour MP complained.
Shadow equalities minister Kate Green said she was "disturbed" to hear it was on sale in The Strangers' Bar, which is where politicians can bring guests.
Commons Leader Sir George Young said "appropriate action should be taken" if "offensive pictures" were on show.
A barman confirmed that an hour later the beer had been removed from sale.
The beer, brewed by Staffordshire company Slater's Ales, was introduced to The Strangers' Bar in 2007.
It sells for £2.70 pint and one barman told the Press Association: "We haven't had any complaints raised with our bar staff."
Personally I suspect the decision to withdraw it for the reasons stated have more to say about the mentality of  Kate Green than any picture of a woman in a bikini top pictured on the label. One wonders how she copes with the fact that a lot of women wear similar outfits whilst on the beach when surrounded by an equal number of men, then again I'd probably better stop that train of thought, it might give them ideas.
Is the picture offensive? I think not and Lady QM isn't particularly bothered about it either, so what we have is some sort of politically correct faux outrage as Kate green gets offended for 51% of the population most of whom will not be bothered in the first place.
Don't get me wrong here, Kate Green is entitled to her opinion, what she shouldn't have though is the right to be offended for the rest of us and have something removed because she can't cope with an image. There's no chance of children being involved here and if the politicians were so offended in the past then the sales would have slumped, as it is the only reason it's been removed is because some idiot prudish politically correct female MP cannot cope with the real world.
Why do we let people like this get into positions of authority over us?

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Captain Haddock said...

The silly cow (typical of the NuLiebore feminazi) needs a good dose of "The Bishop's Finger" up her "Ginger Minge" .. that'll wipe the smug smile off her sour face ..

Or maybe the fact that its highly unlikely to ever happen is the root cause of her problem ?

Anonymous said...

51% ?

Anonymous said...

All beer should be banned from the House of Commons bars, as it is subsidesed by us taxpaying fools. All that should be available in the Parliament bars is water, not bottled water, simply tap water.

Captain Haddock said...

Completely agree ..

When I was still working (now retired) I wasn't permitted to consume alcohol in my place of work .. and would have got the immediate sack, had I ever tried to do so ..

Why should these overpaid, under employed, cheating, lying, thieving tossers be any different ?

Quiet_Man said...

@Anonymous 11:46

51% of the population being female which appears to be the source of her gender gripe.

thespecialone said...

Jesus these nazis never give up do they. As it has been on sale since 2007, I would assume that Harriet Hatemen would have seen it by now. Why didn't she ever complain?