Thursday, November 10, 2011

So why don't we just leave

It sounds simple and simply by revoking the original charter signed away by Ted Heath we could be out of the EU tomorrow. Yes I know our treacherous politicians will wait until the last minute in the hope that something may turn up from the d├ębacle that is the EU and the collapse of the €uro, one of the greatest political and economic blunders of recent times. For too long the EU apparatchiks forgot that what they had was only a monetary union, not a fiscal one in other words Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and possibly even France "borrowed" the credit rating of Germany to finance their way up in the world, which was fine only so long as there was a buoyant economy, now the recession is here, the debts are being called in and there's no possible way they can be repaid. That's not to say those countries are bankrupt, they still have wealth it's just that the state can no longer act as guarantor of the loans save by taxing the living hell out of their people, something that might just have the politicians having a squeaky bum moment at the thought of it.
Yes it will certainly affect us, the UK's banks were involved after all, however if we pull out now, yes it will hurt, but at least we'd recover and we wont be dragged screaming into a 10 year (at least) slump with high taxation and no growth.
Sad thing is, people like me and far more wiser heads than me were warning of this years ago, saying I told you so is now cold comfort indeed at the prospects of picking up the tab of our reckless, feckless politicians greed and ambition.

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Captain Haddock said...

We won't stand a snowball in hell's chance of escaping from the mess that is the EU, until such time as the current crop of politicians have been replaced ..

They've either been too well bribed (like Clegg, with his EU pension) or the EU has sufficient "black" on them to ensure total compliance ..

If we were to simply tear up the various treaties which have been signed (and not in my name) .. what could the EU do about it ?

The answer is, very little except rattle their collective sabres and utter curses that their most profitable "milch-cow" had left the herd ..

The sooner we leave the better .. The answer is in our own hands .. Only vote for those who would set us free & allow this country to rule itself, once again ..

Ignore those who want "compromise" or "agreements" .. and remember where that got us when Heath was doing the compromising & agreeing ..

andy said...

When the Euro first came in a political blogger likened it to having a joint bank account with all of the neighbours in your street,even a fool could see it was doomed to fail,which speaks volumes about those EU shysters who would call themselves our masters.

Michael Fowke said...

The problem is that your average Joe voter doesn't read blogs like this. As long as the X Factor and EastEnders are on TV, what chance is there of us leaving the EU?

Jan M said...

There is a ground swell of rebellion out here, sorry Michael but I do wish people, the MSM and TV (BBC) would stop saying no one in this country is interested in the EU, only in the X factor and Eastenders, there are thousands of ordinary people who want out of this insane, corrupt union, but how on earth can we bring this about?