Wednesday, November 9, 2011

EDL 1 : 0 FIFA

Despite the scurrilous claims of a few utter morons, Islamic's and white poppy wearers, the Red Poppy is not a political symbol of militarism or imperialism, it merely reminds us of those who laid down their lives serving their country in our armed forces. It does not matter if the war is just, legal or not, that's a matter for politicians, not for those who serve and we do well to honour them at this time of the year.
This is something that FIFA cannot grasp as they applied petty rules about England having an embroidered poppy on their football strip for their match against Spain this Saturday,
FIFA has insisted the rules will not be bent to allow England to wear poppies on their shirts against Spain.
The Government piled the pressure on FIFA by writing a letter pleading for the symbolic flower to be allowed on shirts at Wembley on Saturday.
But football's governing body has again refused to make an exception for the FA over the request to add the poppy to mark Remembrance Sunday.
The world body have now issued a 'final statement' rejecting the plea.
A letter from FIFA to the FA sent read: 'We regret to inform you that accepting such initiatives would open the door to similar initiatives from all over the world, jeopardising the neutrality of football.
'Therefore, we confirm herewith that the suggested embroidery on the match shirt cannot be authorised.
FIFA’s rules on its member nations do not allow adorning their shirts with ‘commercial’, ‘political’, or ‘religious’ symbols or messages. The poppy is none of those, yet FIFA would not change their minds and so provoked a reaction from the EDL.
Two members of the English Defence League climbed onto the roof of Fifa's headquarters in Zurich with a banner protesting against the ban.
A Fifa spokesman confirmed the protest is ongoing and that Swiss police were in attendance.
The two protesters displayed a banner with two poppies on which read: "English defence League. How dare Fifa disrespect our war dead and wounded. Support out troops."

The Telegraph actually has it wrong, there were actually 6 EDL involved, but no matter, they also have the usual drivel from a "Hate not Hope" troll decrying the fact that someone reminded FIFA about the symbology about the poppy.
The EDL will also be in London this Friday along with other patriotic groups in an attempt to stop the imbeciles of Muslims Against Crusades burning another poppy outside the Royal Albert Hall sometime between 10 and 12am. Followed by a march to the FA headquarters to highlight the England football teams issues with Fifa concerning them not being allowed to wear our poppy on their shirt on Saturday when they play against Spain. We believe it is disgusting and disrespectful of Sepp Blatter & co to treat our national team like this hence why we will be popping over to Soho to show our support to the National Team and to urge each and every player to wear their poppy with pride the next day when they smash Spain regardless of Fifa`s Decision.
FIFA, MAC, Hate not Hope and Unite all fascists (UAF) should remember that disrespect begets disrespect.
Update, Mail.
An FA statement read: ‘The FA can confirm that FIFA has today agreed that the England team will now be permitted to wear a poppy on the black armbands the players will wear during Saturday’s match with Spain.
Though only on their armbands, not their shirts.
Well done the EDL!

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Elizabeth said...

I just heard that the team can wear the poppy.

Quiet_Man said...

Yes, have updated the blog, though they are only allowed to wear it on their armbands, not the strips.

Captain Haddock said...

What's more important .. the belief in & defence of a principle - or football ?

England should tell FIFA to do one & simply walk away .. after all, its only a game ..

Anonymous said...

Good news. I was seething when I read the initial story.

BTW how can flag-like badges eg Italy NOT be considered political symbols?

Captain Haddock said...

"BTW how can flag-like badges eg Italy NOT be considered political symbols" ?

When you're any nationality except English ?

All Seeing Eye said...

A good result eventually.

Shouldn't have happened in the first place, and I'm with Captain Haddock on this one...if they hadn't backed off we should have just stuck two fingers up at FIFA.

Or just worn poppies anyway. What would they have done? Thrown us out?

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

F.I.F.A. = Fuck, It's Football Again!