Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not so quietly abolished

Suckling at the state teat has become a truly outlandish business for various "experts" in all sorts of fields where they can pronounce their current bias against anything the public seem to enjoy doing. Of course, when a new government gets in and starts threatening the finance you can hear the squeals in the press, even if it was supposed to be something supposedly quietly abolished.
A panel of advisers on tackling obesity has been disbanded over claims the Government was too sympathetic to the food and drink industry.
Members of the advisory group, which was set up under Labour, said the Government preferred to consult food and drink firms than scientific experts over Britain's obesity crisis.
The decision to dissolve the panel was taken some weeks ago but was not revealed until this week, according to the Financial Times.
Experts were disappointed with Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's approach to "nudge" people to make better lifestyle choices.
Klim McPherson, a member of the panel, told the FT: "Ministers were more inclined to involve food and drinks companies than scientific experts."
He said the health issue was as big a problem as global warming, adding: "An obesity epidemic cannot be prevented by individual action alone and demands a societal approach."
I suspect the food and drink industry has its own scientific experts too, considering how likely it might be that they'll get sued if they cause problems with peoples health. But the main reason that this lot had to go was the fact that it really isn't the governments job to hector people over what they eat, it should also not be the governments job to hector people over what they drink or smoke either, but we're still working on that one.
Another clue that the people involved are just placemen was the raising of the old shibboleth of "global warming" clearly someone has not been outside in the real world for far too long otherwise they'd know that the warmist industry has had to change its tack to "climate change" and then "global climate disruption" or whatever it is they're trying to scare us with these days.
I wonder how much these panelists were claiming, I suspect it was far more than the minimum wage, I suspect it was far more than the average wage. I doubt we'll miss them, the IQ of the various public services probably went up a notch or two when they were disbanded. 
Still, that's only one down, probably thousands to go, but good riddance all the same.

3 annotations:

James Higham said...

Bit of a giveaway dropping in the GW, a bit like dropping in Capitalism.

Captain Haddock said...

I might .. just might, start taking a little more notice of what they say .. when the obese munter Nathanson loses a few dozen stones ..

In the meantime .. they can fuck right off ..

Road_Hog said...

It's all about control and of course another opportunity to raise taxes, for 'our' benefit.