Friday, November 18, 2011

Pot, kettle

In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black Labour have accused the government of intending to borrow more than they originally intended. This would be the same Labour party behind the tax and spend initiatives which have pretty much left the country bankrupt and needing to borrow in the first place.
The government could borrow over £100bn more than it planned to up to 2015, according to Labour.
The party compared Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts from November 2010 with the latest estimates.
Labour said it showed the government's plans were "reckless" but Economic Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said the claims were "nonsense".
Meanwhile, Labour leader Ed Miliband will later urge ministers to change course away from economic austerity.
So we have a case for Labour accusing the government of borrowing more and the leader of the Labour Party calling for an end to austerity economics, which I suspect would mean the government borrowing more.
Fact of the matter being, we are where we are economically because of massive Labour overspending and a new government far too weak owing to the vacillations of its leader before the election to effectively tackle the overspending by taking a chain saw to the state budget and shifting the public spending over into tax relief for any employer taking on ex public servants. The Labour government were also responsible for the massive increase in uncontrolled immigration putting a further burden on our public services by their insistence that they did not have to integrate but that the state would enforce measures to allow them to remain separate with translation services and various other means which pandered to the alien societies within our midst.
I realise that it's the oppositions job to oppose the government, but really when it comes to economic statements, the Labour Party should really just keep its mouth firmly shut.

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Captain Haddock said...

This is in no way surprising QM ..

Its just one further example (as if more were actually necessary) that Socialism really is an extreme form of Mental illness ..