Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cold comfort

Many of us in the blogging world have railed for years against the depredations of the Green religion pointing out the fallacies behind their predictions and the inevitable end results of their policies as enacted by politicians who do not have the best wishes (or intentions) of the people they are supposed to represent simply seeing the Green agenda as another way to screw more money out of the taxpayer.

ENERGY bills are set to soar by 60% bringing financial pain to millions of people already struggling to pay.
In a bleak prediction, industry analysts warn that annual electricity prices could rocket by 60 per cent, with gas increases of 54 per cent because of rising wholesale costs.The steep hike could result in total energy bills in excess of £2,000 a year.
Experts blame the upward trend on the green agenda which will force suppliers to invest in new technologies that consumers will have to pay for.
The experts warn that average electricity bills could rise £300 a year to £800 in the next 10 years and gas prices could increase from £845 annually to more than £1,300 – a leap of £455.
The predicted price rise “could be catastrophic for many households”, said Thomas Lyon of price comparison website He said consumers had already been “knocked for six” by this year’s hikes.
Among a panel of experts for SmartestEnergy, the UK’s leading purchaser and supplier of energy generated by the independent sector, 90 per cent predicted a rise, with one third saying it would be 60 per cent. The average increase predicted was 43 per cent by 2021 which would see electricity bills alone rise by more than £200 a year.
Robert Groves, chief executive of SmartestEnergy said: “While it is impossible to forecast with any certainty what will happen, it is clear that many in the industry are bracing themselves for significant increases.”
The Daily Express reported last month that more than 2,700 older people died over a 12-month period from illnesses caused by not being able to afford to heat their homes.
Higher energy bills and freezing weather could see the figure soar this winter.
Saying I told you so is very much a cold comfort to me, because even now we're not in a position to hang the arch traitors and various other enemies of the people from the lampposts including energy secretary Chris Huhne and anyone else in authority who gave the ok to ruinously expensive "green" energy projects. These are also the people trying to stop the production of shale gas extraction as cheap energy is anathema to their creed and their ultimate goal of depopulating the planet and setting the majority of us back (who survive) to a medieval struggle for survival, no doubt lorded over by a technocracy living high on the hog in their guarded compounds.
There is no need for energy to be so expensive, we should drop the green levy on power generation, stop building bird mincers and subsidising them, stop subsidising solar power and build lots of cheap gas power stations and train apprentices up to engineering standards to help run them.
But we wont, we'll just carry on down the same path to economic self destruction until we finally snap, probably during a power cut during the X factor finals knowing just how dumbed down our population has become.

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WitteringsfromWitney said...

"even now we're not in a position to hang the arch traitors and various other enemies of the people from the lampposts"

Oh we most definitely are QM - we just haven't switched-on to that ability yet.......

Well not enugh of us anyway!