Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No you won't

"Big Man" Cameron was spouting nonsense at the annual foreign policy speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, I really don't know if he believes the guff he comes out with or he's simply hoping that we believe it (or will swallow it like the moronic MSM do)
I'll get powers back from the EU, says Cameron: Prime Minister's vow to rebellious MPs in Lord Mayor's speech
Vows to refashion EU to best serve nation's interests
  • Remarks at odds with that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • Says leaving EU is not in the British interest
  • Boris Johnson questions Government's willingness to boost IMF
  • George Osborne hits out at plans for financial transaction tax
David Cameron last night said the EU was ‘in peril’ and described the debt crisis as an ‘opportunity’ to claw back powers for Britain.
After being rocked by a Tory MP rebellion over Britain’s future in the EU, the Prime Minister cast himself as a ‘sceptic’, attacking ‘grand plans and utopian visions’ and vowing to ‘refashion the EU so it better serves this nation’s interests’.
He accused the EU of being out of touch and attacked its ‘pointless interference, rules and regulations’.
His remarks are diametrically at odds with those of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who called yesterday for the EU to focus on building a ‘political union’ as she warned the continent faced its biggest crisis since the Second World War.
The EU is in peril, but it's a self inflicted peril and if like a disease we don't isolate ourselves away from it, it might just take us down with it. We aren't in the €uro, we can still be outside and trade with them and frankly we don't need them, their ways are not our ways, their laws rub across everything we (used) to hold dear such as the rights of freeborn men to do what we wanted so long as a law did not prevent it, rather than the authoritarian European way of permission being granted if a law allows it.
Cameron even had the nerve to add at one point "we sceptics" truly a monumental lie if ever there was one as he also stated "Leaving the EU is not in our national interest," he will argue. "Outside, we would end up like Norway, subject to every rule for the single market made in Brussels but unable to shape those rules." Which to my mind says that Norway isn't subject to any of those rules save only what Norway wants to subject itself too. We can still trade with Europe, heaven knows they'll still want to trade with us it's just that we'll also be able to trade far more cheaply with the rest of the world by applying their standards to whatever they want rather than have overbearing EU standards to meet simply because we're in the EU. No more tariffs either, no more Common Agricultural Policy, no more Spanish fleets hoovering the seas off our coast, our ancient rights and freedoms returned to us (no doubt after we hang all the lawyers)  Our country, run by our people for its people rather than by EU regs designed for Italian or Greek olive growers but fitted into a one size fits all package rubber stamped by the fools at Westminster.
We should leave and seek our own destiny again, this is why Cameron is wrong, this is why he has to go!

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Durotrigan said...

Cameron's utterances re the EU are nothing more than mood music produced for the ears of a predominantly EU-sceptic British public. His 'scepticism' is of course of the ersatz variety, and this should be seen as very much akin to his supposed disavowal of multiculturalism, whereas his policies have served only to further deepen and embed the multiculturalist project. Cameron is pro-EU, pro-multiculturalism and pro-globalist. He neither acts nor intends to act in the interests of the British people.

Captain Haddock said...

I'm still waiting for someone, anyone to point out to me, one - just one, single benefit which Britain has received from belonging to the EU & for the vast amounts of money which we've poured into it, via assorted politicians with vested interests ..

Anonymous said...

No he doesn't believe what he is saying. He's a PR man. He also intellectually challenged.

If your daddy is inordinately rich you can go to England's best school and graduate from English best university with the best degree money can buy...

And if you have relations at the palace you can be head of the Tory Party and if you wait long enough the English will vote in the Tories having got roundly sick of the other lot.

So that's how he got there. That Tory MP who called him a despicable creature wasn't far wrong.

No one pays any attention though. It's Mrs Merkel who counts though and he knows that. They have the money, and as Tories in general and Mr Cameron in particular knows, with money you can do anything.

That's why he's prime minister; that's why Mrs Merkel calls the tune in Europe.

And his Australian accent stinks on ice.

Anonymous said...

"Germany is dominating Europe"

Political Puppetry in the Eurozone: