Sunday, November 6, 2011

A deep ongoing cultural malaise

An energy watchdog has announced to the UK that our energy bills will probably rise something like 30% in the next 5 years, pushing ever more people into fuel poverty and causing many of the rest of us to ration our heating and power usage during what will probably be some quite harsh winters with the inevitable "dying off" of our sick and elderly  accelerated by government policy and the idiocy that is green energy and the environmental tariffs placed upon our bills to support the madness that is low carbon efficiency.

HARD-PRESSED households will see their gas and electricity bills rise by 30 per cent within the next five years, according to a senior industry watchdog.
Given current trends, she believes that energy prices will have risen by nearly a third by 2016.
That comes on top of the 21 per cent rise in energy prices over the past 12 months that has left families and pensioners struggling to find, on average, an extra £224 for heating and with a bitterly cold winter said to be on the way, rising energy prices will have “dangerous consequences” and put people’s health at risk, says Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at price comparison website uSwitch.
Research by uSwitch found that 23 million households, or 89 per cent of the population, will ration their energy usage this winter, either by keeping their heating on low or turning it off altogether to save on fuel bills.
That would indicate four million more people than last year will be rationing their heating.
“As the cost of our energy bills escalates people are being forced into making potentially dangerous choices,” Ms Robinson said.
“Whether they sacrifice something else to keep the heating on or turn the heating off to pay for something else, there is a modern-day Russian roulette going on in homes up and down the country.”
Last winter more than half of all households went without heating at some point to keep their energy costs down, risking their health and wellbeing. Additionally, 6.3 million people were pushed into fuel poverty by energy price increases.
As well as worries about the health implications of going without heating, uSwitch’s research found that households are going into debt to pay their bills.
More than one in three has turned to borrowing to cover their household bills, with 20 per cent owing £500 to £1,000 and 17 per cent owing between £1,000 and £2,000.
All this to pay for "renewable" energy sources that are inefficient and expensive to run, that frequently don't work when the weather is at its coldest and that have to be subsidised (by us) to be economical compared to other energy supplies that work. We're even sitting on a potentially massive energy source in shale gas production, but this is being delayed by envirolunacy in the Dept of Energy and Climate Change and the Lib Dem idiot Chris Huhne as it might cause earthquakes in Blackpool. We're even sitting on about 300 years worth of coal for Gods sake! That's stored energy in an easy to use form, we can even use lean burn recovery systems on it to reduce pollution! But no, we build sodding bird mincers that are expensive and don't work if there's no wind and also if there's too much wind as well. That are expensive to maintain, are occasionally out at sea and suffering from marine corrosion (salty air and electrics don't mix)
Our people, those who are most vulnerable are going to die because of envirolunacy, perhaps we should declare it some sort of mental disease or psychological condition, because for the life of me that's what it appears to be.

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DerekP said...

Yes, people are going to die because our politicians are pushing a green ideology instead of making objective pragmatic decisions in the best interests of the country.

Their reasons? Well, based on the MPs' expenses corruption that was uncovered, some are probably motivated by making money for their relatives/associates. Many actually unquestioningly believe what the green lobbyists tell them, without checking the facts - in fact, it has been independent bloggers who have revealed much of the hype, scamming and lying; what's sick about this is a lot of the lobbyists' marketing and influence comes from our taxes redirected to the lobbyists by those same clueless politicians.

When the bodycount starts rising we ought to start associating it in public with the likes of Huhne, Clegg and Cameron (greenest Tory ever?). We should show them that if they don't like the consequences they should be careful what they do.