Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm surprised it's only 8 out of 10

People think England is crowded, though a quick check of land usage for buildings only has about 3% of available land built upon. What is crowded is actually our cities and towns where immigration, high birth rates amongst immigrants and a low level of expansion in building infrastructure at prices people can afford means that expansion is not happening and you're ending up with too many people in one place. At the moment we're heading for a possible 70 million population with the majority of it in England, this isn't sustainable unless we're either trading to accumulate wealth by producing jobs or services others want (fat chance with us being in the EU) or we have enough land to feed ourselves (we clearly don't)
ALMOST eight out of 10 people in England think the country is overcrowded.
The support, which also reveals that more than a third believe England to be “very crowded’’, will pile pressure on ministers to keep their promises to slash immigration.
The petition survey was conducted by YouGov for the MigrationWatch UK think-tank.
It was launched on the Government’s website last Tuesday and had collected more than 90,000 signatures by yesterday, making it one of the fastest- growing appeals on the site so far.
Petitions have to be considered as the subject for a Commons debate once they gain 100,000 names.
The MigrationWatch petition condemns the “mass immigration’’ permitted over the last 10 years and voices concern at official projections that the UK’s population will rise from 62.3 million last year to 70 million by 2027.
Two-thirds of the rise stems from immigration with the rest due to rising birthrates and increased life expectancy.
This accelerated over the last 15 years owing to the previous governments opening the floodgates to immigration to "rub the rights nose in multiculturalism" and has lead due to multiculturalism a fragmented non homogeneous nation, a sure recipe for a civil war at some future stage. Not that the current government done much to stem this, they've admittedly had to deal with a recession plus a lot of the crap that Gordon Brown left as minefields in the economic system to cause the new government a lot of problems (sheer spite) and just another reason why I wish fervently that Labour will never ever get into power ever again.
The problem we have now of course is that we have them (immigrants) and are either going to have to integrate them or remove them, the longer it goes, the more chance there will be that someone will unite the people and say enough is enough and wholesale forced repatriation will begin. Personally I don't want to live in a country that would do that, but unless this problem is nipped in the bud, it will happen.

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James Higham said...

So as you won't live in a country which deals with the problem, QM, you'll miss out on the benefit of it. :)

Captain Haddock said...

"Personally I don't want to live in a country that would do that" ..

The alternative being to carry on as we are ? ..

Certain sections of the immigrant demographic have no intention whatsoever of voluntarily integrating & unless faced with the stark choice of FIFO (Fit In or Fuck Off) nothing will change ..

I know which course of action I prefer ..

Woodsy42 said...

Maybe it's not so much the land that is crowded but the infrastructue. Everything in the country the NHS,town centres, schools, parking provision, roads, rail - literally everythink we need or use in our day to day existence was designed and built for many fewer people and is groaning with the strain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Quiet Man

A sure way to destroy a nation is to have mass immigration. Consider the fate of Native Americans.

The powers that think they be are happy to talk of restricting immigration and admitting a 'mistake'. Whether immigration is restricted or not, once the number of immigrants reaches critical mass, the maternity wards take over as main port of entry and TPTTTB can talk freely of controlling immigration to appease the natives.

Bliar may have gone to war in Iraq to divert attention from the volume of immigration.


andy said...

Our country may not be as built up as is generally thought but why should we concrete over our green and pleasant land to build homes for people that we never invited and didnt want in the first place?
Liberal types whine and wonder about the rise of anti immigration,xenophobic and racist attitudes,well what did they think would happen if you allow uncontrolled immigration of people who are racially,religiously,culturally and linguistically different to the native people?
This was and indeed still is a totally deliberate attempt to destroy the racial and cultural heart of our country and as such should be seen as both treason and attempted ethnocide against the English people.