Saturday, November 5, 2011

Action speaks louder than words

I wonder what will come of this little spark of genius from Chris Grayling the Employment Minister, seems he's deciding as to whether or not it will be worth trying to sue the EU for trying to flood our country with benefit claimants from the Ukraine and North Africa.
The Government will take unprecedented legal action against the EU to prevent ‘benefit tourists’ from the Ukraine and north African countries coming to Britain to collect benefits without working.
Employment minister Chris Grayling said he planned to sue the European Commission to block millions of people who could arrive on UK shores to claim state pensions and benefits.
He said he believed EU officials were trying to create a system where people from either inside the EU or from countries bordering it, were able to come into Britain and start claiming benefits.
In a newspaper interview, the minister said the EU had launched a ‘land grab’ and ‘pre-emptive action to stop this’ was now necessary.
He said: ‘We are concerned about benefit tourism, we want tighter rules. We want the rules changed and they are just not listening.
The problem he has and cannot seem to grasp (a bit like most politicians) is that the EU doesn't have to listen or sort anything out for us at all if it isn't in their interests too. What they will be thinking is that the UK will be some sort of magnet for the sort of people whom they don't want emigrating to their own countries. We could resolve it quite easily simply by leaving and taking back control of our own borders and destiny, though no-one in the government with any real power to do anything about it seems to relish that possibility either.
Thing is, pretty much every time the UK government has gone up against the EU, we've lost, they operate on a completely different set of rules and laws to the UK system and once something is settled with them then all have to fall in line, or just ignore the rules or in the case of France make any attempt to get into their system as long winded and damn near impossible as they can.
It's the UK's ever increasing folly in that with the EU we tend to follow the rules to the letter, something no other EU country seems to do, this is because before we were in the EU our rules few as they were suited us and were easy to follow.
Grayling mentions further down the article that he was sympathetic to the calls from back-bench Conservative MPs for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership and that ‘renegotiation’ of the relationship was now necessary.Save only that sympathy isn't going to win us anything from the EU, only leaving that monstrous system will ever resolve the UK's problems, or at reast put the resolution of the problems back into our own hands.

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Restoring Britain said...

Exactly but I think they know this and it is why I always doubt how genuine the intention is. It plays perfectly into the "Look we tried for you but those nasty Brussels types overruled us. Sorry you'll just have to live with it".

For me there's a simpler way for them to come at it that I'm not sure needs their permission. With some reform of the welfare state in which we're not flashing the golden t*t to the world, I suspect the number of those beating a path to our door will drop off significantly.

James Higham said...

In EU eyes, we're the cesspit which nevertheless keeps funding them.

andy said...

In the end,after all the tough talk they`ll just roll over and play good doggy and blame it all on the beastly EU.
Spineless yellow bastards.